University Versus College – Weighing Up The Pros, And Cons

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There are many advantages in getting a university degree versus an online certification or a college degree but ultimately, university is not right for everyone. Indeed, the value of a university education means different things to different people. What it could mean to you is something only you can decide. Likewise, if you are considering it, you’re the only one who can determine if now is the right time to do it.

In some sectors, having the relevant university degree is a pre-requisite to a career in that industry. In many cases, these professions also have high earning potential. Doctors and lawyers are two that spring to mind. Further, a 4 or 5 year university degree almost always has more earning potential over a life-time than a 2 year college degree. However, obtaining that 2 year degree then going on to university to complete further studies could potentially lead to even greater things, and more potential for advancing higher up the career ladder.

Student Accommodation

Unless you live close to your university or college of choice, you’re going to have to find accommodation whilst you study. This is where universities can have a real advantage over community colleges. Most universities either have on-site student accommodation or offer housing opportunities. In some cases, there is also housing available for students with families. Community colleges generally don’t have housing or accommodation because they’re designed for students who can commute.

Great Diversity At University

Universities offer a great deal of diversity. They have students from all over the country, and from overseas. This is partly because there are no significant cost advantages between attending college and attending university for international students. Therefore, most opt for universities with their better accommodation and wider cultural experiences. The result is a hot pot of different cultures, experiences, languages, and religions. Being part of this can be a hugely valuable experience on its own, even before factoring in education! Conversely, most community colleges don’t have this, unless of course the college is located in a city that is culturally diverse in itself, like New York.

Benefiting The Wider Community

Many university professors are involved in various research projects for the wider community alongside their teaching duties. Attending a university that is conducting research in an area you’re interested in for example can provide you with opportunities to get involved. College professors on the other hand are more likely to be dedicated teachers and instructors. Therefore, university is a better option if getting involved in research is something you’re keen on.

Specialist Training Centers

On the other hand, some careers require you to do your training at a specialist institution. The fire service is one of them. A career as a firefighter, fire officer 1, fire instructor or fire inspector is available to anyone who has the necessary pre-qualifications. However, you do need to attend a dedicated fire college or complete the mandatory fire courses offered by approved institutions or specialist e-learning centers. All states have their own fire colleges. In Florida, this is the Florida State Fire College. In Tennessee it’s the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy and so on.