Urgent Care in Middletown, NY Can Help With Sudden Illness & Minor Injuries

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Health problems can arise unexpectedly, and sometimes, they occur during the hours when your regular doctor isn’t available. In these situations, an urgent care clinic can help you receive immediate treatment for non-emergency health issues. At an urgent care Middletown, NY facility, you can receive prompt, professional care to help you feel better quickly.

What Is an Urgent Care Facility?

Urgent care is a concept that evolved out of primary medical care for situations that may occur outside of regular office hours or when you can’t get an appointment quickly at your regular doctor. Urgent care clinics generally have hours after normal office hours and on weekends, so you can receive treatment and relief from symptoms as soon as possible. This is why urgent care visits have become so popular in recent years.

Urgent Care Is Not the Same as Emergency Care

The urgent care concept is not the same as emergency care, although there is some overlap in treatment of certain health problems. Problems such suspected heart attack, breathing problems, severe bleeding, complex bone fractures or intense pain may be better served at in an emergency room setting that has more comprehensive diagnostic equipment on hand. However, for everyday illnesses and injuries, urgent care can provide proper treatment in reasonable amount of time.

Common Health Problems Seen at Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care routinely handles health issues such as respiratory infections, coughing, ear infections, bug bites, allergic reactions, minor cuts, sprains, nausea, vomiting, rashes and dehydration. These clinics often treat symptoms of strep throat, flu and stomach viruses. They can also handle urinary tract infections, fractures and minor burn injuries. Your urgent care facility can also refer you to other health professionals, if needed.

What to Bring To Your Urgent Care Visit

You can help to make your urgent care visit go more smoothly if you have a few items on hand. Make sure you have your current insurance card. A photo ID is also required. If you are taking medications, bring a list with the names and dosages to help the healthcare staff understand your current health needs more clearly.

Call on Urgent Care Middletown When You Need Fast, Effective Treatment

Our highly trained medical professionals will ensure you receive prompt, experienced care for your health problem. During non-office hours or when you cannot wait for your primary care provider’s appointment, we can help you receive the treatment you need. Contact an urgent care Middletown clinic when you need prompt medical care.