Vivaldi’s Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android Mobile- Everything you need to know

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Vivaldi is one of the best and faster mobile browsers. In their official blog post, team Vivaldi has announced the latest update for Android users. The update provides plenty of amazing browsing features and options to mobile users so they can optimize their web browsing experience exceptionally. 

Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android Mobile

Vivaldi’s Two-Level tab stacks for Android mobile enable users to create two rows of tabs to improve tab management and overall web browsing experience. It is the best way to manage lots of web pages opened on the browser and allow users to access the ones they need. The feature provides a clutter-free browsing experience on mobile. 

The two-level tab stack was initially introduced in the desktop version of this browser. A user will need to long-press the new tab sign to create a new tab stack in the browser. When a new stack is created successfully, the relevant tabs under the stack will be shown in the 2nd row. Users can also create a new tab stack or group by dragging an already opened tab on another tab. This will merge the tabs into a group and a single click will display all the matching tabs in the second row below the standard tab bar. 

Tab Customization Features

Along with creating new tab stacks, Vivaldi users can also enjoy a new and improved UI for tabs that comes with novel tab customization features. Vivaldi users are not better able to select the way they want tabs to appear in the browser. They can make tabs smaller as favicons and can also remove the cross button ‘X’ to get more room for the other tabs. They can easily adjust the size of tabs as per their liking. The latest update 5.0 update also lets users choose where to put the Tab Bar, on the top or bottom. Al the features and options are accessible in the browser’s setting. 

Vivaldi for Tablets

In its 5.0 update, Vivaldi has introduced built-in panels and sections to utilize the screen space smartly to provide tablet users with a better mobile browsing experience. On Android devices with bigger screens like Tablet PCs or Chromebooks, users can tap the new panel buttons to access a variety of options like search history, downloads, bookmarks, and notes section. It helps them see the required details without running the browsing experience. 

Tablet users are also allowed for more configuration on the devices. They can effectively customize the tabs and the tab bar itself as Android mobile users can. A user can also hide the system status bar on the tablet to enjoy full-screen browsing. Furthermore, Vivaldi also provides its users with a built-in note-taking feature. They can take notes or add information to existing notes to stay on top of things even without exiting the browser. 

Vivaldi has even more in its new updated version 5.0 to elevate the browsing experience for its users. Users can turn dark mode on or off for specific web pages or tabs opened. The users will need to open settings->Theme-> dark mode for web pages to toggle on/off dark theme for pages of their liking. This makes browsing easier on users’ eyes to keep them focused for hours. 

Download the Vivaldi 5.0. update right now to elevate browsing experience on mobile

Whether you use landscape, portrait, or tablet mode on your mobile devices, Vivaldi 5.0 is designed to provide you with an excellent experience while accessing the internet on your mobile devices. To get and enjoy all the above-mentioned features and options on your Android mobile, just update your existing Vivaldi browser to 5.0 or download the New Vivaldi browser from their official website or Play store.