What are Bongs and Water Pipes

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A bong is a filtration instrument that is used to smoke herbs, tobacco, or any other dry smoking substances. Bongs and water pipes are very common for smokers today. Glass bongs are attached to water filtration systems for which it cools down and filters the smoke which does not harm the lungs of the smoker. Earlier there were smoking pipes for the smokers but Bongs and water pipes are more comfortable for the smoker. The water inside the bong gives a very enjoyable feeling with an effective and flavorful experience. Bongs and water pipes are a very traditional and reliable way of smoking tobacco for hundreds of years.

Usage of Bongs

Bongs are one of the complex methods of smoking. It contains a number of working parts that make the smoking experience more attractive for smokers. There is a bowl that holds the dry herbs before smoking. There is a carb hole from which the smoke travels downstream through the pipe to the base of the piece before it penetrates in the water. Here the smoke is cooled and then the smoker smokes filtered smoke with the help of the pipe which is attached to the base. Today there are several kinds of Bongs with more percolators that contain a lot of holes which are cut into disc forcing the smoke and the water for maximum filtration and cooling before it enters the lungs of a smoker.

Benefits of Bongs and Water Pipes

It is always advisable to smoke from Bongs and water pipes. Bongs or water pipes are almost similar to Pipes as they filter the smoke but in Bongs, the smoke travels through the water pipe and so it not only filters the smoke but also cleanses the hit on the smoker’s lung.  This is one main reason why Bings are also called Water pipes. Water Pipes take out the impurities and toxins and even cool down the smoke for a much smoother intake for a smoker hence reducing the risk in their respiratory system. No matter what smoking is not good for health. Still, if the smoker cannot avoid smoking and is taking time to quit, it is advisable to smoke with the help of a bong to reduce life risks.

Types of Bongs and Waterpipes

Bongs are of different types with their own color, advantages, and disadvantages. Some bongs are portable for easy to carry and some come with a traditional look because many want to keep the traditional pattern bongs at home for an aesthetic look. Some common bongs and water pipes are scientific bongs, big hitter bongs, colorful bongs, and mini bongs. The mechanism of all bongs is similar. 

Waterpipes and Bongs are always advisable to use because it lasts longer and reduce the risk of life. These are ideal for all dry smokers and smoker who wants to have a different experience while smoking even simple tobacco. There are many other alternative methods of smoking but if the user wants to reduce toxin, then this method and device is the one.