What are magic marked poker cards and its uses?

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magic marked poker cards

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What have marked magic cards?

Marked magic cards are those cards which have been marked by some luminous invisible ink that is used to identify the different number that the card has to offer it can be anything that is ranging from number 1 to 10 or even it can also be a K, Q or a J and these are special cards that carry more power than the number card and can help you to win any game you want and if you want then you can save them and use it at any time you like.

These cards are mostly used by magicians in their daily show to trick their audience into thinking that he really knows how to read someone’s mind as this card are used in mind reading trick in which the person who has volunteered will pick out a random card from the deck and see what the number or the logo is on the card and then hide it under the deck then they will have to shuffle and give the cards back to the magician.

Then the magician will automatically come to know what their card was and then he or she will tell that card number or symbol out loud so that the audience can see it and if it is right then the audience will think that it is a pure work of magic and mind-reading.

These cards have many uses good and also bad. Good use is that they are used by magicians to amuse people while the bad use is that these cards are used in casinos and clubs to rob people of their money.

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