What Are The Advantages of Using the 7” AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum D Cell Solvent Trap Kit?

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There is an intriguing quest and constant demand for new, trendy products. This is especially prominent in the solvent trap kits domain. The majority of the solvent trap kits developed earlier were used solely to clean firearms that did not particularly make use of any devices. An example of this is the muzzle device- for which the solvent trap serves the purpose of ensuring a more streamlined cleaning.

The advent of the Aluminum D Cell Solve Trap Cleaning Kits has brought about a desire for establishing and identifying what purpose they truly serve. And why anyone or any production company should consider them for their products. The 7″ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum D Cell Solvent Trap Kit with Stainless Steel CNC Storage cups is an industry-standard cleaning tool with a vast number of benefits.

In this post, we will look at the advantages of using the 7” AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum D Cell solvent trap kit for cleaning firearms. Keep reading to learn more!

D Cell Solve Trap Kits On The Marketplace

There are many D Cell kits on the market. But it will be helpful to ask some relevant questions before buying any. Depending on your choice and reason for purchase, check if the kits are vetted or unvetted. Then, determine if they have the correct pricing according to the materials or parts used for them.

The reason for asking these questions is to prevent you from falling into the trap of buying illegal, below-quality, or fake solvent trap kits. Many of these are found in U.S.-based companies and sold by unknown suppliers abroad. Many of these companies claim to sell a particular type of metal. But in the real sense, they are diluted metals that deliver low-grade products.

What then makes the 7″ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum D Cell Solvent Trap Kit special?

The product is an upgraded version of the D Cell Model from Armory Den which features a Tube Thread Pitch to enable streamlined adaptability for cleaning firearms. The kit is made of Aircraft Aluminum plus a Thread Mount, Stainless steel CNC storage cups, and a sealed end cap.

The new version of the D Cell solvent trap kit, including a D cell Specific TPI adapter, will help cleaners enjoy a seamless and easy firearm cleaning. Another reason to consider this solvent trap kit is the hard coat material used which provides incredible strength and prevents galling.

Besides, the use of Aluminum in the production of aircraft has grown extensively over the years. The use of Aluminum is because of its strength and lightweight. These are factors that separate it from the use of other metals. It also ensures a more reliable production.

The 7″ is a top choice used in aircraft productions because of its durability and corrosion resistance. Also, because it helps preserve the strength of the product is made with.

Performing firearm cleaning and ensuring its frequent maintenance is a great practice. The introduction of a solvent trap has made this incredibly easy over the years. You have to be sure to avoid legal issues that may come up when buying unidentified or unknown solvent trap cleaning kits from a company that has not been vetted. This is where comes in handy with the aluminum D Cell solvent trap.