What Are The Best Teeth Whitening Kits Recommended By Dentists?

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It’s no secret that your teeth are one of the first things that people notice about you. One way to boost your self-confidence and make a positive first impression is by making sure your teeth are white, bright and healthy looking with the help of the Best teeth whitening kits recommended by dentists.

If you’re considering using a teeth whitening kit, there are many different options available including bleaching gels, strips, trays and more. But what makes it especially challenging to find the right option for you is the number of options available on the market. Fortunately, many dentists have created their own whitening kits for dentists and patients to use as a recommended option to whiten their teeth.

Dental Dazzle

Recommended by: Dr. Thomas J. DeMarco, DDS, Board Certified Cosmetic Dentist

For many of us, getting a brighter smile means going through a painful procedure. However, not all teeth whitening products involve the use of harmful chemicals or harsh procedures. The Dazzle Teeth Whitening Kit from Dr. Thomas DeMarco takes an entirely different approach to teeth brightening than other kits on the market. This product uses a patented combination of three different root-level applications combined with a toothbrush and mouthwash that provide fast and effective results without any risk of sensitive gums or possible issues with sensitivity in your mouth afterwards.

Dental Dazzle Advanced System

Recommended by: Dr. Thomas J. DeMarco, DDS, Board Certified Cosmetic Dentist

The Dazzle Advanced System is an ultra-premium teeth whitening kit created to work with the same technology used in the professional care of Dr. DeMarco and his patients. The advanced application system requires a higher concentration of ingredients than other kits and features a patented tricalcium phosphate gel on the top, followed by micro-fine polishing particles and then more of the same gel on top for even better results and more even-heated treatment. This system can be used as much as twice per day for dramatic results!

Dr. Katz Professional

Recommended by: Dr. Jonathan Katz, DDS, MAGD, MSD

Dr. Jonathan Katz is a leading and respected dentist in the Los Angeles area with a sterling reputation for caring for his patients and providing excellent results with his recommended teeth whitening kits. The Michael Phelps Signature Series kit was created as an outcome of his combined efforts with the world’s most revered Olympic champion! This kit includes all-natural ingredients including biodegradable mint flavor that helps to freshen your breath while also giving you a whiter smile in just seven days or less!

Dr. Harold Katz Advanced Whitening System

Recommended by: Dr. Harold Katz, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Harold Katz created his own teeth whitening system that takes the best of both professional and home applications. This kit allows you to get dramatic results without the intense pain and discomfort usually associated with other teeth whitening products. This advanced system can be used every day for 12 weeks to achieve amazing results!

This is a trusted brand by dentists in Los Angeles, Dr. Harold Katz is a leading dentist in this area and has made whitening kits specifically designed for patients who desire an even whiter smile. The regular use of these kits will produce incredible results, but they are also recommended as a maintenance method to keep your smile glowing.