What Are The Possible Scenarios In A Post COVID-19 Business World?

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This pandemic has opened a number of questions within both the business and the technology world. There are, in fact, a number of companies who are genuinely scared of what could happen to their business after this pandemic lifts. Although there are countries who are easing lockdown measures, there are, as well, others which have kept the attention level to the maximum, ahead of a very high number of cases and deaths. What are the speculations for the post-COVID-19 business world then? Let’s find out together.

The Usage Of Contact Tracing Apps

Contact tracing applications have been mentioned multiple times in the past couple of weeks in the UK, Italy and the United States. These are mobile applications which a smartphone can run and are set up to identify whether if two individuals are respecting social distancing, whilst, at the same time, they provide data on temperature and overall body behaviours, prior to the update of the smartphone’s hardware. Although severely questioned in regards to the “Where is my data going?”, these apps will most likely build another point in favour of data and its usage for business purposes.

The Usage Of Mobile Technology and PWA

Mobile doesn’t stop with contact tracing applications, but also has approached the world of those professionals forced to work from home during this pandemic. The words “Progressive Web Application” have become more and more common with examples like Zoom, Instagram, Whatsapp and even Facebook. The purpose of such applications is the ability to transfer the same features of a mobile app to desktop and vice versa. With this in mind, the business applications are endless: from finance to simple reporting, tools which are PWA based could help a variety of sectors in little to no time.

A surprising example of PWA implementation could be the whole of the real estate sector. In the UK, a team of commercial estate agents have stated how prominent their mobile traffic influx has been during these past couples of months and, therefore, the ability to provide the very same service on both desktop and mobile could be a valuable “plus” in a definitely very competitive sector, in 2021.

Robotics and Automation In Business

It’s very important to, once again, assess the impact automation had in certain branches of finance in the past couple of years. Risk mitigation and other forms of financial advise, in fact, have been heavily touched by Python and other machine learning programming languages, moving the topic from an “experimental” state to a prominent industry standard. Given the fact that the competition level will most likely grow even further in the near future, we can safely expect that automation features will become even more powerful in the first half of 2021, under a number of public and private sectors.

To Conclude

It’s definitely easy to say that the business world, after COVID-19, will be very different than from today. With thousands and thousands of companies looking for ways to improve their workflow, we’re in for some intense changes which will set the foundation for the business world of tomorrow.