What Do You Need To Know About Mobile App Installs?

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When you wish to buy app installs, there are certain things to be aware of when you are running an app install campaign. If you wish to get your app featured in the top 25 of the categories of the social network, then your app must get downloaded at least 7000 times a day. If you want to get your app ranked in the first place, then it needs to get downloaded at least 35000 times a day. This clearly states that you need to be aware of the ways by which you can run campaigns for app installs.

  • Make your app OS-compatible 

When you are buying app installs, then make sure that the application is compatible with all the kinds of Operating systems. Only then, you can reach the target mark of download in a much quicker fashion. For this, you need to maintain a proper team of individuals who can work tirelessly on product development and can work on the errors and the bugs being reported on the product.

  • Be aware of ASO 

It is a fact that mobile app install campaigns do cost you a lot of money. So, before you hand over the application to the campaign running website, make sure your application is well optimized. The logo, landing page, description, keyword usage, everything adds up together and leads to what is known as ASO.

  • Add right visuals 

It is a fact that google play store doesn’t accept more than 8 screenshots on the page where your application appears. You need to add the right visuals as they speak louder than words. You can also add some short videos of your application to encourage more installs.

  • Keep a track of the uninstalls 

No matter what you had invested in installs if the play store tracks a large record of uninstalling of your application, then the ranking decreases automatically. So, make sure to rectify all the errors and keep your app updated.

These are some of the best ways by which you can buy app installs. Use social media platforms like Facebook and run campaigns.