What dreaming with the dead defines?

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Have you ever dreamed of death or of someone already deceased? You will know which are the most frequent dreams related to it and what each of them can symbolize.

Have you ever lived it? It is a fairly recurring dream, either directly dreaming of death or something related to it. According to experts, author of the book Interpretation of Dreams (2004), death in the dream world symbolizes the world of the occult, but it also represents the darkness that precedes the spiritual rebirth of the human being.

It is the change from a physical state to a spiritual one. Thus, death, in a dream sense, would represent the completion of a stage and the rebirth of a new one. In this way, according to Trujillo, if a character who dies appears in dreams, this can be interpreted as the end of a state (psychological, religious, love, work…) and the beginning of a new one.

What meaning of dreaming with the dead is of?

Dreaming that you speak with death is not the same as dreaming one’s own death or that of others, for example. According to expert, dreaming of death has different connotations or meanings, depending on the type of dream about death.

Let’s see the most representative dreams:

Seeking death: dreaming that you are seeking death is related to a serious inner crisis.

Talk to death: you have overcome the fears you had towards death.

For the one who is sick: if the person who dreams of death is sick, this is related to a speedy healing.

For artists: its meaning is attributed to success and notoriety.

Who is married: symbolizes, or represents, that this person will leave the family.

For those who have children: it is related to a concern for the health of the children.

Being saved from death: the person who dreams it is exaggerating a help of little importance.

Dreaming of one’s own death: this is a good omen, especially related to marriage and health.

Seeing death: dreaming about death directly, that is, seeing it, visualizing it, symbolizes great luck.

Dreaming of death: deceased people

If your dream is not so related to the concept of death, but to the presence of a dead person in the dream, its symbolism may be diverse.

There are, as in the previous case, different possibilities:

Dreaming of a dead person: generically, this symbolizes the arrival of good news (which will come soon).

A dead man in the coffin: if the dead man is in the coffin, the dream symbolizes the end of a danger in real life.

In bed: if the dead person that appears in your dreams is in bed, it means that the person who dreamed it is insecure and impressionable.

Walking dead: dreaming of a walking dead symbolizes a great financial crisis.

A dead person who talks: And dream about death, specifically a dead person who talks? Or a person who has already passed away in real life but who appears to us in dreams? You’ll, it is a sign that you should listen to their words.

That resurrects: if the person who died in life has been resurrected in the dream, it means that an event will soon arrive that will make people talk a lot.

Dead who is hostile: if the deceased person in the dream is hostile towards us, it means that someone has discovered your double game.

Dream of someone specific

As you can see, dreaming of death can acquire multiple connotations depending on the type of dream, the person who dies, their actions, etc. Thus, dreaming of a friend who dies would symbolize frustration and insecurity. If the person you see speak in your dreams, it means that the dreamer’s conscience gives him good advice (perhaps it is time to listen to it).