What Is a Couples Therapy Retreat and Why Should You Plan One?

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For both newlyweds and those married for decades, taking steps towards working on your marriage keeps it healthy. Even though weekly marriage counseling serves as a go-to solution for many couples, others benefit from intensive couple therapy retreats and private sessions.

Couples therapy retreats are combined packages of counseling sessions and a getaway to allow partners to learn more about themselves and their spouses on a more intense and vulnerable level. These retreats help couples enjoy a few days away from their everyday stress to improve emotional connections and better their overall relationship.

How Couples Therapy Retreats works:

When partners go for regular couple counseling sessions, they work on their relationship by talking to a therapist and each other. After this, they go back to their everyday lives, and in most cases, they forget what they’ve discussed until it’s time for the next session.

It begins to seem like a pattern, and even if they aim to work on the relationship, the improvements are never noticeable. On the other hand, couples therapy retreats can become a solution since it keeps you and your partner in therapy always.

The retreat is a few days in a private, cozy, and beautiful setting away from work, your daily chores, or kids so that you can have enough time to commit, explore your feelings, needs, thoughts and dive deep into your relationship. Typically, it begins with an interview segment to allow the facilitator to gather information about your relationship and recognize your goal as a couple.

The retreat is packed with fun activities. You can relax with your spouse, look inwards to focus on relationships, and not worry about anything, unlike the stressful activities you go about your everyday life.

Some of the activities from the retreat include:

  • Discussions
  • Roleplays
  • Lectures
  • Recreation
  • Exercises

Why You Should Plan For Couples Therapy Retreats:

There are certain marital distresses that couple therapy retreats help to understand and solve, especially when it’s an affair of the heart. It could be sex and intimacy issues, midlife crisis, recovery after an affair, communication problems, empty nest challenges, conflicts, or divorce.

Research proves that people are more likely to learn new behaviors and translate them into changed habits. Couples therapy retreats create an open ground for partners to learn new skills, increase their connection, and re-establish a common goal while working through their present relationship issues.

Some of the skill you learn during the retreat include:

  • A deeper understanding of each other
  • Strengthening your friendship
  • Improving your intimacy
  • Building solid bridges between your partner and yourself
  • Recognizing the values and life purposes shared between the two of you

If you think your marriage seems to have inevitable relationship conflicts, you should start planning for an intensive therapy retreat. Couples retreat helps to revive the connection between spouses, deepen their sexual desire and overall bond. It also teaches you how to grow, both individually and as a couple.

If you’re comfortable meeting new people, the retreat can include up to ten couples in it. Unless working with other couples is not suitable for you, you can opt for a more private retreat version.

Also, since it’s quite flexible and tailored to your needs, you may consider couples therapy as an excellent addition to your usual weekly couple counseling sessions. learn more about Couples Therapy Retreats.