What is a Personal Injury Defense Attorney?

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If you frequently watch law shows, you’ve heard a lot of different legal terms used. You’ve probably also heard a lot of terms for lawyers and attorneys being used as well and no explanation of what they mean. Now you’re in a spot where you need to hire legal representation and have no clue what type of attorney you need!

While we can’t define every single lawyer for you, we can at least define what a personal injury attorney is for you. This is one of the largest law practices, so chances are this might be the lawyer you need. So let’s get to learning about personal injury lawyers!

The Purpose of Personal Injury Defense Lawyers

The purpose of this law form is pretty simple- To help people after they have suffered injuries caused by another’s negligence or intentional behavior. These fall under the category of torts, which means they don’t quite hit the level of being a criminal act, though overlap is possible. Some examples of these types of torts are: Bicycle accidents, car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other accidents of a negligent nature.

With this being such a large area of law, it gives personal injury law firms the choice of which side they want to represent in these cases: The plaintiffs who are filing the lawsuit or the defendants who are allegedly the one responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. This means one personal injury law firm might represent the business or individual who is being served the lawsuit, while another law firm might represent the business or individual filing the claim against the business.

From there, they need to look at the claim to see if the plaintiff has a valid legal claim. If they do, the attorney must file the necessary court documents for the injury claim and provide their client with legal advice. This means letting their client whether it’s better for them to settle their case outside of court or take it to trial.

Types of Claims Personal Injury Defense Lawyers

With personal injury law being such a broad category, there are a variety of personal injury claims that can be filed. The most common of these would be car accidents and slip and fall accidents and injuries. The list below is not a complete list of what these attorneys might cover, but it has been added to give you an idea of other claims they might handle. So here are some of the other claim types a personal injury defense lawyer would be familiar with:

Defamation: Defamation claims are filed against defendants who have caused damage to the plaintiff’s reputation. These claims can also be filed under libel or slander depending on the ways the defendant ruined the plaintiff’s reputation.

Invasion of Privacy: The name says it all. These claims are filed against defendants who invade the plaintiff’s privacy. This can be by appropriating their name or likeness, disclosing private facts about them to the public, defaming them, or otherwise intruding on their private life and space.

Medical Malpractice: These claims are filed by the plaintiff against healthcare providers (i.e. Doctors, hospitals, etc) who have caused injury to a patient (i.e. the plaintiff or a member of the plaintiff’s family).

Product Liability: These claims are filed by plaintiffs against the manufacturer of the product in question. These claims are filed when the product in question has caused injury to the consumer ( the plaintiff or a member of the plaintiff’s family). Common products that fall under this claim are: Dangerous drugs, dangerous children’s products, defective medical devices, and defective vehicles.

In some instances, your insurance provider may assign an attorney to your case to best look out for your interests and their interests as well. But it is still beneficial to consult with an independent personal injury attorney. So if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer, look for one in your area that has a good reputation and give them a call. After all, getting the compensation and justice you deserve is what matters the most!