What is the ideal cost of data storage server for small businesses in India

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What are Data Storage Servers

Data storage servers are those high-end storage servers which store all your valuable data with top notch security and networking ability to connect and transfer data at lightning fast speed amongst a network of computers with centralized storage so that all the employees can access files.

Data storage servers are undoubtedly the primary requirement for almost all small businesses to safeguard their data. But with budget-constraints, small businesses have to look for a cost-effective solution to manage their expenses. And it gets difficult to assess at what minimum price they will get a premium quality data storage server.

Through this blog you will get to know what all features your storage server should have to make it premium and what would be the ideal cost to buy a server packed with all those features & what is the ideal cost of a data storage server for small businesses in India.

Need For data storage servers

Small businesses and startups are receiving huge numbers of reforms by the Indian government today. It is supported well versed with easy subsidies, allowances, legal framework and other reforms.

It has been the most important initiative for this nation to support and empower the MSME sector. Therefore, Small businesses having needs of data storage servers are also facilitated with reduced and effective prices. So let us know what should be the ideal cost of a data storage server for small businesses in India.

Starting with Most Important Features

Starting with the features your budget-efficient storage server must have:

  • Redundant power supply with expandable RAID options: Your storage server should have at least two or more power supply units to support redundancy and should also be powered with the ability to install more storage drives.
  • Effective and secured file transfer: Your storage server should have a multi-core processor to transfer your storage data with other co-workers and business partners from one centralized point and with seamless speed. It should also promote security measures while transferring your data from one end to the other.
  • Secure and Reliable storage: Your valuable data must be secured against unauthorized access. Your server should be enabled with multiple RAID options and with reliable storage power supported by redundant power supply.
  • Best-in-class server architecture: Your server must be fine-tuned with information-centric architecture so that it could be managed easily and efficiently between multiple computer systems.
  • Automation features: Automation services involve the features which manage functions like configurations, security provisions and vulnerabilities, patches, etc. automatically.
  • Customer efficient: Serverstack allows you to have endless customizations on your server. The server should suit the customer requirements efficiently. From small business to enterprise business we help to fully customize server which suits your office requirements.
  • 24/7 support: The most important feature is the support by Serverstack’s technical team. we help you to fix any patches remotely using Ikvm.

What should be the Ideal cost?

The above were the most important features you should have with any server. Though a server packed with these features all together, could come at an affordable price for the small businesses only at Serverstack  Coz a server with these features and quality comes around at the cost – Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 1,40,000. with all the necessary features.

It may sound a bit hard to find a server that is good at this price, right? Don’t worry Serverstack has your back. Serverstack is one of the leading brands in the server industry and is known for its Affordable priced servers for small businesses.

Serverstack offers you servers from a price range starting from Rs 80,000 also Serverstack avails you the best-in-class servers at a price below Rs 1,00,000. And you are also not made short of the features and functions. In-short, Serverstack is the best when it comes to buying cost-effective and productive servers for small business.