What is the List of Careers in Architecture

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Meta Description: Architecture is a vast field that comprises several specialties. Architects have a wide range of options. Here are the most common and high-paying specializations for architect graduates.

There is more to architecture than meets the eye. Architecture, like medicine, is made up of several specialties. Although architects are most commonly known as design experts, like doctors, there are different types of architects who specialize in various projects and sectors. Architects choose a particular specialization based on their interests, the type of projects they would like to work on, and then train in that specialization. There are several types of careers within the broad umbrella term of architecture. Here, we will look at some the most common types of jobs in architecture and the most lucrative ones.


With an architecture degree, you can, of course, work as an architect. But within this field itself, you can identify the type of structures and the variety of clients you wish to work with. You can even choose the kind of architecture company you want to work with (most architecture firms specialize in one or two types of projects), to fit your style. All architects are licensed and protect themselves and their companies with architects professional insurance (visit this website for more information on architects insurance).

Commercial architects specialize in planning and designing commercial buildings like shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, public and government buildings, and other non-residential properties. As well as possessing artistic skills, commercial architects also need to have engineering and construction skills. 

Industrial architects design and plan massive commercial facilities like industrial buildings, factories, and transportation centers according to various industrial processes and needs.

Residential architects work with real estate developers and private clients to design, plan, and build functional and stylish residential homes and customized residences. Their duties also include estimating each project’s cost and the time it would take to complete the project from beginning to end. 

Green design architects or sustainable architects are involved in the planning and designing of commercial and residential properties. Still, they utilize only sustainable products and use green building methods to create eco-friendly and energy-efficient structures. They also work alongside the construction industry supply chain to ensure that only sustainable and locally produced materials are used whenever possible.

Landscape architects typically work with outdoor spaces like parks, public gardens, orchards, squares, golf courses, public walkways. But landscape architects also work with sustainable architects to coordinate and integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Restoration architects help restore and maintain historic buildings and other historic structures.

Naval architects are involved with designing ships – their exteriors as well as their interior spaces. They use their mathematical and scientific knowledge to design ships according to the required speed without comprising on factors such as buoyancy and the ship’s stability.


Architecture students can branch into construction management from planning, designing, and building small houses to cafes and more significant buildings. They are involved in building processes such as ensuring the right quality and quantity of materials are procured for each project, making sure artisans complete their jobs thoroughly and in time, and preparing contracts.

Interior design

Interior design is another popular field. Unlike architecture in construction, this type of architecture concentrates on designing interior spaces for maximum efficiency. Within architecture for interior design, interior design architects can specialize in various kinds of spaces. Furniture design and the use of colors, fabrics, and textures within an area are all in a day’s job.

Urban planning

If you are interested in helping communities, you can become an urban planner. Your work will involve coordinating with locals, developing community land, analyzing and reviewing various types of resources, and help solve problems and achieve goals.

The highest paying architect jobs

Not all architecture jobs pay equally, and some are more lucrative than others. Other factors that affect an architect’s salary are job location, licensing, education qualifications, and years of experience the architect possesses. 

Some of the highest paying architects are landscape architects, architectural technologists, preservation architects, green building and retrofit architects, commercial and industrial architects.  

As well as the different types of careers within architecture, architects can also work in various positions:

  • Senior principal/partner: The owner or majority shareholder of an architect firm.
  • Mid-level principal/partner: The senior vice president.
  • Junior principal/partner: A recently-made partner.
  • Department head/senior manager: A senior management architect.
  • Senior architect/designer: A licensed architect possessing over ten years of work experience.
  • Architect/designer: A recently licensed graduate architect with less than ten years of experience.
  • Third-year intern: This is an unlicensed architecture graduate in the third year of internship.
  • Second-year intern: This is an unlicensed architecture graduate who is in their second year of internship.
  • Entry-level intern: This is an unlicensed architecture school graduate who is in their first year of internship.


Architecture is a vast field, and there are several directions a graduate architect can go with their architecture degree. What all architects have in common is a love for designing structures and spaces.