What should you choose between Silicone and TPE sex doll?

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If you are planning to purchase a love doll, you will initially have to decide the material of your love doll. There are two good alternatives accessible for an adult doll. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and Medical-Grade Silicone are the two most frequently used materials for the creation of sex dolls. So, let’s learn the details about both the material and then you can decide which one you want to pick.

What is TPE?

TPE is a material that contains both elastomeric and thermoplastic properties. Because of its elasticity and flexibility, TPE material is rather easy to use for the production of sex dolls by injection moulding. TPE have the benefits of both plastic materials and rubbery materials. The advantage of using TPE material is the capability to widen to moderate elongations and arrival to its previous shape that create a better physical range and a longer life compared to other materials.


  • Odour free: if you hate the smell of plastic in most adult dolls, then you should try TPE love dolls. TPE sex doll doesn’t have the problem of odour. And if you want, you can apply any of your preferred water-based perfume sprays on her.
  • Safety: TPE sex dolls are extremely safe to use because it contains no allergic chemicals. You can easily hug, kiss and have sex with her without being afraid of allergic reactions or medical conditions.
  • Elastic: TPE love dolls have elastic and soft skin, which you can stretch without limitations. Also, you can put your tpe doll in any of your preferred position.


  • Easily get stains: TPE is porous by nature and therefore it gets stains easily. Even the stains can spread anywhere on your doll and they are so hard to remove.
  • Regular maintenance needed: you should make sure to clean and maintain your doll (particularly her mouth, anus and vagina after every use).

What is Silicone?

It is an artificial polymer substitute. It is a combination of elastomer, and silicon polymer along with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. This material is stable, non-reactive, and resistant to a broad range of temperatures and extreme environments while still sustaining its useful properties.


  • Better Realisticity: usually silicone sex dolls have more lifelike body parts and face, because of the material’s firm nature.
  • Resistant to Heat: these types of sex dolls are more resistant to stains, water, and heat from regular usage because of their non-porous skin surface. Also, this material allows you to have a bath with your favourite love doll.
  • Easy to Clean: theirstable features and non-porous nature makes them less expected to stain, and also easier to sanitize and clean compared to the TPE sex dolls.


  • Less Flexible: silicon sex dolls are not as supple as their TPE counterparts. It may be hard to move her body parts because her arms and thighs can be rigid.


Well, the selection between silicone and TPE mainly based on your personal preferences and taste. Both the materials have their pros and cons. So, you can just evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of both materials to discover the one that suits your needs.