What to Look for in a Photo Etching Company

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Photo etching is a cost-effective way to produce a high volume of thin parts with low tolerances. It offers a quick turnaround time compared to many other methods, and produces parts without burrs or stress. The first step in the process is choosing a photo etching company. The right company will deliver high-quality parts and help streamline the process.


The first thing that you’ll want to look for in a company is experience. It’s preferable to work with a company that has experience with your industry and producing the type of part you require. This gives the company experience with similar projects and relationships with the suppliers needed in the process.

Quality and Tolerances

Quality is essential in the photo etching process. Certifications are an indication that the photo etching company meets rigorous quality standards. AS9100D/ISO9001 is considered the standard for excellence in the photo etching industry.

Tolerances are another important consideration. You’ll want to work with a company that clearly presents the tolerances and dimensions they can accommodate and be sure that they match your needs.

Other Processes

If other processes are required for the manufacturing of your part, having them done by the photo etching company can save you time and money. This is something to consider when choosing a company. Common processes offered include in house forming and laser welding. Welding is often used on RFI/EMI shield seams to make them stronger. Heat treating and plating are sometimes needed as well. These may be performed by the company or a trusted third-party source.

Streamlined Quoting Process

A quote is required to determine if a photo etching company is right for you. The best companies make the quoting process as easy as possible. Many choose to offer an online quoting form. This shows the services they have available, allows you to select the ones you require, and give the other needed details. The company can then contact you with a custom quote. This process is often completed through email. Some companies allow you to request a call as well. This allows you to learn about the company and its services easily. It is also a great way to get a feel for the company’s customer service.

Photo etching is an excellent way to manufacture the parts you need. Choosing the right photo etching company makes the process easier, ensures quality, and allows you access to other needed operations.