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What to Look for with a Residential Garage Door Service Company!

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Garage doors can be a real headache when they break down. Many homeowners often decide to take on this repair job themselves and end up causing more problems than before they needed the repair. Unless you are a garage door technician yourself, it is better to call experts to repair and maintain your garage door. Here are some of the best tips and resources to help you out when you need a garage door service company.

Company History

One of the first questions you have to ask when reviewing potential garage door repair companies is how long they have been in business. Look for a company with a long history and solid reputation in both garage door installation and repair. There are many start-ups and amateur garage door repair services that employ sub-contractors or technicians without insurance. Less than reputable contractors may not have much experience in dealing with various garage door issues. Googling “garage door repair near me” will allow you to see the companies that service your local area. Asking for recommendations from friends and acquaintances is an excellent way to narrow down your list of potential companies for your garage door service.


Perhaps you are upgrading to a new garage door. These days, there are so many door styles, designs, and materials to choose from. Look for a company that offers a variety of garage door styles and options. It is highly recommended that you find a company that has a catalog where you can see their selection. Some companies even have garage door design software that lets you design your own custom garage door.


Garage door manufacturers provide their own warranties for the door and its parts. The garage door repair company will also provide a warranty for any defective workmanship. If the manufacturer’s warranty covers a part, the repair company should also repair or replace the faulty component at no extra cost. So before signing up for anything, make sure the quote sheet or job order includes a warranty and guarantee on parts and labor. Warranties ensure that parts to be used on your door are free from defects and that the technicians will do a high-quality job.

Reliability and Customer Service

A garage door repair company should have technicians available to do emergency repairs. Since your garage door can go haywire anytime, you want a company that offers overhead garage door repair service 24/7. Some companies repair garage doors even on holidays. Ask yourself if the company could answer all your questions, provide an accurate estimate, and accommodate your special requests as these are indicators of quality customer service.

Garage doors make everyday life more convenient for homeowners. When your garage door is faltering, and you need a professional to diagnose the problem, Stuart Brothers Garage Doors offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties. If you are in the Los Angeles area, call us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.