Which is the best site for getting online study material for the CBSE?

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Advantage technologies of today’s world now allow students to understand all the concepts of every subject online. However, it is often observed that students, as well as parents, used to face a lot of difficulties and confusion while selecting a learning platform as there are plenty of such websites available. You need to very careful while selecting an online study platform. Here, I have listed out some of the well-known online platforms in India for the CBSE board students.

Doubtnut – Doubtnut is one of most the popular online learning platform in India, that allows students to understand complicated concepts more easily. The content of Doubtnut is a well-balanced mixture of theory and practical knowledge which helps students to relate the complicated concepts with real-life examples. This is an organization that focuses on the overall development of a child. They have an experienced group of trainers as well that helps students in learning the concepts in the best way.

Practice2Perfection (P2P)– This platform is also gaining popularity in recent years as it allows students to get connected with teachers as well as allows parents to view students’ performance. They provide a separate login ID for parents where they can observe the growth of their children. It provides sufficient opportunity which allows the student to learn at its own pace. They design all the chapters in such a way that allows students to understand the complicated concepts more easily. Additionally, they provide unlimited self-quiz for every chapter. They also provide an assessment of a student for every chapter. The best part is this platform is cheaper than the other online platforms.

Unacademy – Well! you must have heard of this platform. They especially provide online courses for various competitive exams such as UPSC civil service exam, JEE mains, JEE advance, GATE, IES, NEET, Banking-Po, and many more. They also prove online classes for various classes. They have a number of a good educator but I find it very confusing while selecting a course from this platform.

TopperLearning: This is one of the best sites for CBSE students. The site has almost everything and is a must-have website for studies. You can find almost all the topics from your syllabus on this website. They also provide doubt clearing sessions. Students can study with NCERT books and their solutions, can get their doubts cleared by asking an expert, enjoy online training. They also organize a few free webinars on an interesting topic. You must visit their website to know more.

Toppr: Toppr is also one of the best e-learning companies in India which is founded by IITians. It provides videos with excellent quality of visuals that helps students to understand the concepts more clearly. Although the rest is the same as other companies, rich-quality content and visuals set it apart. But, it is very expensive.

Embibe: An AI platform that gives you a personalized e-learning experience. Best teaching faculty is what sets Embibe apart from the rest. One of the prime reasons that CBSE students might prefer this platform is that it uses some of the latest e-learning technology. But the AI is not helpful when it comes to complex questioning.

Here are some tips for you to study more effectively

  • Know your syllabus. You must know the syllabus of every subject before start reading it. It will help you to identify the topics that you need to cover for that subject.
  • Don’t choose multiple books. It is often observed that many students get confused while selecting study materials for any subject. Sometimes they end up choosing multiple reference books. You must understand that NCERT books are the best resources for CBSE students. This should be your first preference.
  • Learn the basic concepts. Making your basics strong will help you to grab the concepts. If you are facing some difficulties, take the help of your teachers and seniors to clear your concepts. You can also refer to some online education platforms to clear your doubts. Don’t jump from one topic to another without understanding the previous one. If you want to score more than 90%, you can’t avoid any topic. You have to understand the all topics properly.

I hope the above information will be helpful for you.