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Situated in the southern region of Karnataka at above a high sea level, Bangalore city is also known as the garden capital of Karnataka. It is a city that offers multiple memorable and adventurous experiences to its tourists and residents. The city is always in a constant moving zone, starting from the early morning rush in the markets to evening hangouts of many tourist groups to various amazing places; it remains full of life throughout the day. There are many places to visit in Bangalore with friends and it is always good to be in a group to dive into the noises and the rush of the city. While there are many places to visit but some are very well-liked and most visited by the people for an enjoyable time-out. Starting from partying at best clubs or pubs, to cravings for delicious dishes at the iconic food places or to enjoying the rousing rides at adventure parks, Bangalore has everything one looks for in an exciting trip. Therefore, here are the top 3 places to visit in Bangalore with friends:

  1. Commercial Street: Bangalore city remains alive and keeps its residents and tourist on a buzz all the time. One of the most famous shopping streets and places in Bangalore, Commercial Street is the place where one should go with their shopping partners for exciting street shopping. Here, one can find a variety of clothes and different budget ranges. Surely, one of the must-visit places to visit in Bangalore with friends.
  1. Cubbon Park: Sometimes doing nothing and just feeling the soothing air and peace in a greener area refreshes one’s soul. For such serene occasions, a visit to Cubbon Park is quite a better choice for tourists. You can just carry a picnic basket to this place, sit on a bench and chat the evening away with your friends.
  2. Lal Bagh: It is one of the picturesque places to visit in Bangalore with friends to get a fun time-out with a long interesting history behind it. There is a well-liked and a must spot at Lal Bagh that is a glasshouse, a domicile to some beautiful flowers and plants which is visited by most of the tourists at Lal Bagh. There are some spots where one can enjoy some outdoor games as well such as ball toss and throw the ball.