Why Attendance Management Software Is A Must In COVID Times?

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As the pandemic continues to deepen the dilemma of the Indian government and businesses, every individual is left with uncertainties, restlessness, and dwindling hope. Pay cuts, layoffs, and crumbling revenues indicate more challenging times ahead. With no clear timelines on the availability of the vaccine or treatment, the fight, it seems, shall be a long drawn one. All we can do is hope for things to get better; however, hope is not a strategy! In such crisis times, when the pandemic is dealing with lethal blows on several businesses, the investment in efficient technological advancements can prove to be a worthy one. We all know that human resources departments have moved to virtual setup. And, in order to acquire the desired output, every company requires a structured plan in place that addresses all work from home challenges.

One of the common WFH problems faced by most HR managers is tracking and managing the attendance of their employees. Needless to say, this routine task has always been a time-consuming human resources task. So, what is an efficient way to solve this problem for HRs? If manual methods are considered, they are of no use while working from home as HRs cannot take the whole back office to their homes. Talking about outdated tools such as spreadsheets, they can be acutely complicated to work with. Hence, the only solution left is relying on technology. This is when automated attendance management systems come into the picture.

Attendance management systems are software tools that are designed to streamline as well as optimize attendance automatically. In this blog, we will tell you the top advantages of using such systems and how they can support HR managers during remote working. Let’s dive in.


The major concern with manual methods is that they often lead to a lot of issues and mistakes. No matter how much time and effort an HR manager invests, there will be always room for errors when outdated tools/methods are used. Fortunately, automated attendance management software is known for its reliability and accuracy when it comes to time tracking. Such systems allow HR managers to collect employees’ attendance in real-time, thereby reducing every risk of inaccuracy along the way.


The best thing about attendance systems is that they help employees to easily punch in and punch out, even using mobile devices. Besides, managers can approve/decline every employee’s attendance in just a few clicks. By the end of the month, HR managers will get a complete attendance record without facing any stressors. Doesn’t that sound simple and quick? Truth be old, attendance management software is faster than biometric attendance systems. Since such systems are fully-automated, they do every task in a matter of minutes that in turn saves a large chunk of time for the HR department.


After reading the aforementioned points, many would think that investing in attendance and HR software in India will be a costly affair; however, it is not. Need to mention, the Indian market is filled with automated software options today. That being said, one can easily find a suitable system that will go perfectly with his/her company’s requirements and budget. Furthermore, such systems help businesses to stay compliant by sending timely alerts about the latest updates. This way employers can avoid hefty fines, regulations, and legal consequences.

During this tough time, it is the duty of every employer to support their employees and HRs by providing them with effective technologies. With no doubt, attendance management software can adapt to any situation. Be it work from home or office, companies can seamlessly manage their attendance using the right system.


We hope this blog helped you to learn more about attendance management software. Now that we have given you enough reasons to rely on an attendance system, it is time for you to take a step ahead and invest in one of the best attendance software in India.