Why Businesses Are Turning to PCD Pharma Franchises?

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The PCD pharma franchise business has gained a reputation as one of the quickest-growing industries in India. The industry today provides businesses, entrepreneurs, and even novices with the chance to explore the pharmaceutical industry and establish their own businesses. Vivaceutical is one such company that allows other businesses and individuals to set up their franchises in collaboration.

Even within the pharmaceutical industry, which has grown manifolds, it is the PCDs that are yet to be explored to their full potential. Combining the overall benefits that franchise owners enjoy with the increase in accessibility of medications across remote areas of the country, pharma franchises and PCDs have gained a lot of traction. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most commonly known reasons why people prefer a PCD pharma company over any regular job in the pharmaceutical sector. 

Complete Control Over Business Operations 

The first and foremost idea about a PCD that attracts an individual is the chance to set up their own business. With a trustable PCD company, you sign a legit and transparent contract that clearly specifies everything that you can and cannot do. In most cases, the parent company does not interfere in the operations of the franchise and only expects the franchise to fulfill to carry out the sale of their products. 

Rewarding Business with High Returns

A pharmaceutical PCD promises returns without being extremely competitive or risky. To begin with, you aren’t required to make any hefty investments. You need just enough to get all your licenses and to set up a small office and storage area. The parent company does not pressurize you to complete any monthly or annual targets and allows you to operate the business as you deem fit. This means that you’re in control of how well your franchise performs. Marketing the products right and establishing relationships with your customers can make this path extremely rewarding for you. 

Freedom to Choose the Location

When it comes to a PCD pharma company, you have the upper hand. You have the freedom to choose the area where you’ll market and sell the company’s pharma products without the fear of unnecessary competition. This is what we refer to as monopoly rights. These rights allow you to deal with an exclusive range of pharma products in the area of your choice and no other franchise owner can sell the same products there. This ensures that all customers interested in that exclusive range will buy from you. 

Multiple Companies to Select From

If you want to get a pharma franchise in India, you’ve got hundreds of different options to choose from. Some might provide you with the perfect business structure and model, but may not deal with the type of products that you want to market. Following an easy comparison process, you can eliminate companies that do not fit your requirements. Keep shortlisting them until you’re left with the right set of companies. Even now, you must go through all their terms and conditions, look through their contract, ask for their licenses, and so on. If a company does not share its WHO, GMP, or any other licenses, you must find another that will be transparent with you. 


Businesses and entrepreneurs have found an easy and well-functioning way to set up their businesses. They can now enjoy the freedom of being their own boss, earn a hefty profit margin and enjoy monopoly rights in their region; all without any excessive investments or risks.