Why Is My Website Not Getting Any Traffic?

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It is tough to invest a lot of time and effort on your website and get hardly 1000 visitors per month. If every post of yours is not getting good traffic, that means there is a problem. ” Why is my website not getting any traffic? ”, this is the most common question ever asked to an SEO firm. Fortunately, there is an answer for this question, not a simple one but, still, it explains the reasons.

Things like the age of the domain, the reputability of the author, the type of the content, social media strategies do matter. But the problem of maximal websites lies in other areas.

Here are four reasons why your traffic is not growing.

1.     Your Content Is Weak

Believe it or not, your content is too weak to attract the search engine. Either you are not writing the topics people mostly search for, or your content is not admirable.

To attract the visitor to the website the content should have these characters:

  • It should satisfy the SEO content tips that work after Panda and Penguin.
  • It should be published on a good number of quality pages.
  • It must be unbiased, fresh, and well researched.

2.     Your Keywords Are Not Good Enough

If you know the exact keywords that people look for, you can write blogs on them. During the search for keywords, select those which are searched more than 500 times in a month. The competition for popular keywords is very high, so if you want to get a good ranking from the search engine, you should aim for a long-tail keyword. Use the long tail keyword to change the title a little bit. It will help your ranking.

3.     Your Website Is Not Speedy

Research says page speed is a vital ranking factor for any website. Users are most likely to exit the website if it takes more than 4-5 seconds for loading. Even though your website has a good ranking and getting traffic, as soon as the user lands on the website, they will leave the page without entering because of slow speed. Try to improve the loading time of the website that already has some ranking. It will increase the traffic automatically.

4.     Choosing Wrong SEO Firm

The best source for free traffic is Google. And having your content within the top 10 results is quite hard. But having good content is not enough; you also need to choose the right SEO firm. There are a lot of SEO companies promising first-page ranking but failing because of wrong methods and techniques. But using WordPress SEO, you can gain opportunities for good ranking. This is a multi-step process and a bit difficult, but practice will make it easy.


Getting traffic from a search engine and social sites is the principal purpose of every website. When this is not happening, you feel like a waste of time and lose faith in social media. But with some hard work, practice, and choosing the right SEO firm, you can get traffic from search engines. And these four steps might help you to go far.