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Why Is Your Place Infested with House Flies Time and Again?

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The first reaction you have over sighting house flies is annoyance, but you never think about why there are so many flies even if you tried fly control services multiple times. Although it is quite common for the ‘house’ flies would fly around the house, but it is not at all desirable. This is because you already know that they carry many disease bearing agents and come from unhygienic places.

To stop the influx of the flies you would have to use fly control service and products. However, to maintain the same affect you have to eliminate the source of the trouble.

You should try out this cost-effective method to restrict the house flies from entering the building – fly screens. UK Flyscreens is a company working in this industry for 25 years manufacturing and supplying custom-made fly screens for residential and commercial purposes. You can either ask them to supply or fully install the fly screens for your doors and windows. You can also buy it online with convenience.

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The Reason Why House Flies Visit Your Place in Swarms

You should understand the main reasons why you will not get rid of the flies from showing up in your house –

  • You think that they do not live long so once you kill them or endure it for some time, it would not trouble you anymore. The fact says – though they might have a lifespan of less than 30 days they might have already laid eggs, which will grow up into adult flies in no time.
  • A house fly can breed till its death. On top of that it can lay eggs 5 to 6 times in its whole life and that too about 150 eggs for one batch. So, the number of flies can increase 100 folds in such short period of time.
  • Warm temperature is very suitable for the growth of the larvae. Thus, temperature of your house can also contribute to their hatching.
  • Rotten organic matters or ill-organised garbage is a favourite breeding ground for the house flies. If you keep the wastes exposed for a long time or the trash leaks it can invite more flies in no time.
  • You are not taking enough measures to kill the adult flies and stop them from breeding and laying eggs. You also forget to take care of eggs that are already laid and can grow into adult house flies very fast.

Can Do You to Prevent This Occurrence?

As you have seen, if you don’t give the flies favourable environment to breed you can manage half the trouble. Your first priority should be to keep the house clean and sanitized. Managing the trash is an important part of this which you often overlook.

The next step is spraying aerosol insecticide. Make sure there is no food left on the counter when you spray. You should clean the surfaces and properly ventilate the area after 15 minutes of the spray. You can also use insect traps.

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