Tips When Attending Music Festivals and Why the Big Berkey Water Filter Helps 

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Music festivals are getting more popular. These events are an opportunity to witness some of the best artists perform. Some festivals could go on for days. They’re loaded with festivities, games, surprises, and many others. The venue is usually an open area or a massive enclosed space. Either way, they’re fun and incomparable. If it’s your first time to attend one, you have to consider safety. First on the list is to bring the big Berkey water filter.

Some music festival venues are quite isolated. Access to clean drinking water isn’t easy. You might have to spend a lot of money to buy bottled water. The stocks might not even be enough to provide for the needs of all attendees. Before you get dehydrated, it’s best if you can bring the water filter. It might be bulky, but it guarantees that you stay hydrated. Besides, some music festivals allow you to park your car close to the venue. There’s no need to take the water filter out. Apart from drinking water, these are the other tips to remember when attending music festivals.

Determine the weather

If the festival is held in an outdoor venue, you should determine the weather before you arrive. You should wear appropriate clothing to stay safe. Some festivals would even go on for days, and if you wish to stay, you have to bring a tent. It serves as your accommodation throughout the event. Bring your own pillow and blanket so you can sleep comfortably.

Find an ideal parking spot

It also helps if you park close to the stage. It allows you to jam with the artists without leaving your vehicle. It’s safer and more comfortable. If it’s an indoor venue and you have to get out of your car, you should secure your parking space. Some organizers would require you to reserve a parking spot before the event. Otherwise, you won’t be the priority. Given the number of people bringing a car, it would be a disaster. You might miss several shows while waiting to find the perfect parking spot.

Manage your schedule well

There are plenty of performers at a music festival. Not all of them are your favorites. You have to spot the specific artists whom you really want to see perform. Manage your schedule so you can be at the venue for the performance. You will also find the perfect spot where you can enjoy the performance.

Bring your medicines

Again, the locations are quite far from other vital areas. You need to bring your medicines since it would take time before you can get medical attention. If you have an underlying condition, it’s even worse. It might be too late before you can receive help from a healthcare provider. If the festival lasts for three days, you need enough medicine to last through those days.

Don’t drink too much

For some festivals, it’s okay if you drink while singing with the artists. Beers and other alcoholic beverages are even sold at the venue. Although you came to have fun, you should avoid drinking too much. Remember that these are crowded places. You don’t want to have a hard time thinking during emergencies. You also don’t want to be intoxicated in the middle of a crowd. You might do spelling you will regret for the rest of your life.

Don’t be at the venue all the time

Music festivals can be loud and out of control. There are massive speakers installed in the venue. You might have hearing issues after the event. It helps if you don’t stay on the site all the time. It would help if you only went there for the performances of the artists you admire. Once it’s over, you have to head out.

Be familiar with the location

Some areas can be too big. It’s easy to get lost and not find your way back. Check if a map of the location is available. You can also tour the place before the celebration begins. If the venue has a strong phone signal, it would be great. You can immediately call your friends if you got lost. However, some music festivals are held in the middle of a desert or a mountain top. Phone signals are scarce. It would take time before you can call them. You should know how to find your way back. It’s even better if you follow a buddy system. It allows you to be with a friend all the time. You can also look after each other. Everyone in the venue is a stranger to you, and it’s too risky if you go alone.

Always check the reputation of the organizer

You might have heard about music festivals that didn’t go as planned. The event was canceled, and it was chaos. Some of the people behind those events are still running other festivals. You should avoid going to these events at all costs. You might go through the same problem that other people went through. If the organizers seem shady and disorganized, you have to cancel your plans.

Get comprehensive insurance

You need to have a travel insurance policy before leaving home. It should also cover the medical expenses you might incur if you get ill during the event. Going to these festivals alone is already expensive. You don’t want to have more costs if you didn’t avail of quality insurance back home.

Never make deals with strangers

There’s nothing wrong with making friends with people you meet during the event. Some of them are music festival lovers, like you, and they might also be in the next event you plan to attend. However, some of them could have bad intentions. They might even ask you to buy the stuff you’re unfamiliar with. It’s best to stay away from them and protect yourself.

Music festivals are fun, and you should try going to an event if you have time. Others even travel to distant locations to experience it. As long as you remember these safety tips, things will turn out well.