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Why you should insist on getting as built drawing for your constructions

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As the name suggests, as built drawings are drawings that show actual situation of construction and placement of various items used in construction. These drawings also show the changes made from original drawing, changes made during construction, and also notes and sketches denoting such changes when and where ever made.

During construction or maintenance work, several changes take place due to practical problems or for practical expediencies. All such changes that happen from time to time are recorded for future reference so that in case of emergency or incidence of maintenance issues, drawing exhibiting actual situation of the area is available for use.

Today, most architects, contractors, builders and developers insist on preparing as built drawings and as installed drawings from professionals involved in preparing drawings and lay out drawing of construction sites. These as built drawings include electrical as builts, mechanical as builts, civil as builts, and many more.

Advantages of getting as built drawings

As built or as installed drawings show the exact area in the building where a particular structure is used along with its size and dimensions. As installed drawings, are important because they show the exact area where different types of fittings are installed along with their drawing, size and dimension.

As installed drawings, are also important because they are made at the completion of project. They show all the changes that have been made from commissioning of the project till the end of the project. All as installed drawings contain items installed in the building along with dates, deviations made from original plan, photos before the deviation and after deviation, so that there is no confusion in future.

As built drawings, are made with several codes in place to show sequence of events during construction. For example, red color can be used for deleted items, green used for additions, blue for special instructions and details. This color code is mentioned in the drawings so that contractors, builders, developers, or anybody studying the drawing can understand them without much problem.

The scale of as built drawings, electrical as builts, and as installed drawings is similar to the original drawing so that anybody studying can understand it without any trouble. Also, no abbreviations are used in any of as built drawings to allow clarity of understanding the work.

Advantages of as built drawings to the buyers

Most buyers of apartments and houses demand as built drawings from home owners, builders and developers so that they have a clear understanding of what they are buying. It also solves future dispute between buyers and seller regarding the quality of construction and placement of different items in the building.

As built drawings also allow buyers to understand whether the construction made on the land is according to the approved map of the building or not, get an idea of the scale of deviations made from the original drawings made when building was commissioned and also whether the quality of construction confirms to their requirement or not.

The buyers are saved from all kinds of surprises regarding the quality of construction in future when requirements for repair and maintenance spring up.

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