Work Smart with NCERT solutions for your class 12th this year

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12th standard is the year that molds every student’s life and shapes their career. It is an important stage for every student in their career. The students who work hard the entire year are bound to come out with flying colours! CBSE class 12 syllabus ensures that all the critical topics are covered in the study material.

However, the students should also try to work smart in a way as the amount of content they should remember is very vast. The key to performing well in the class 12th examination, apart from studying hard, is to grasp everything and retain everything. The student should study smart and in a proper format so that all the efforts do not go in vain.

The student can work smart for the 12th standard by following the below steps-

Follow a proper schedule

It is important first to create a blueprint of the schedule. The student should prepare a topic-wise distribution of all the subjects. CBSE Class 12 syllabus requires the student to be productive and efficient. Maintaining a proper sleep schedule and having a proper breakfast is also very important.

Do not try to stress yourself out.

The student should avoid stressing himself out. The CBSE Class 12 syllabus NCERT solutions have all the important questions and their answers in a point-point format. These solutions are designed in a way that helps the students work on their weak areas. All the answers are written systematically.

Solve sample papers

CBSE Class 12 syllabus is very vast. The students should see to it that no topic goes undocumented. The CBSE board follows a specific pattern while setting the question paper. They follow the quintessential pattern while setting the paper. Every question paper consists of a few questions from the previous year’s paper. Hence, the student should solve one CBSE sample paper each day. This way, the student gets used to the pattern of the examination. The student can also assess his weak areas and try to rectify them. The students should focus more on the topics that he finds more challenging.

Prepare mind maps

The student finds it difficult to memorize all the answers as there is too much to remember. However, if the student can visualize the schematic or the layout of the answer he has created, he can recall the answer. Hence, the student should prepare mind maps to make it easy for him to write the answer in points.

Practice diagrams

Diagrams are an integral part of Biology. It is very important to be a neat freak in drawing the diagrams as they carry an equal weightage of the marks. However, the diagrams can get better only with practice. CBSE Class 12 syllabus emphasizes the overall presentation of the answer paper. Hence, the student should ensure that his handwriting is good while writing the paper.

Practice equations and numerical

It is important to practice all the numerical and equations after each chapter in the textbook. This way, the student does not have difficulty recalling it in the examination.