10 Cool Tips for Beating High Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

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Staying cool in the summer can get costly as those utility bills rise along with the temperatures. However, these simple tips will help minimize air conditioning costs while ensuring home occupants are comfortable throughout the hot season.

  1. Block out direct sunlight as much as possible with blinds, curtains, solar shades or specialized UV films to windows.
  2. Use fans to cool rooms, which utilize less electricity than air conditioning systems.
  3. Have an HVAC professional install a programmable thermostat. These are far more efficient for homeowners by allowing users to program and customize desired temperature settings from home and afar via an app. Some modern thermostats perform functions beyond AC control.
  4. Before the heat rises, take time to re-caulk and weather strip holes or cracks surrounding windows, doors, attic and garage entryways.
  5. Clean air vents with a shop-vac or vacuum to reduce dust and obstructions that can impede air flow and increase bills due to inefficient operation.
  6. Open windows at night when it’s cooler and breezy to reduce AC costs.
  7. Replace air filters, using the highest quality that you can afford for cleaner air and less stress on the air conditioning system.
  8. Insulate your attic or add a bit if it’s gotten compromised over the years. This keeps cooler air within occupied spaces.
  9. If you have an outside unit such as a split system or heat pump, clear away any overgrowth or accumulated leaves and debris.
  10. Have your home air ducts cleaned professionally at least every three years.

Last, But Not Least…Get Your Air Conditioning System Inspected

Having a professional air conditioning service come out and give your equipment a good look over and tune up is the best way to enjoy optimal cooling all summer long without breaking the bank.