5 Easy Steps to Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit

1 Mins read

If it’s time to clear out your storage unit or organize it, we’re here to offer you 5 easy tips for success that will maximize productivity while alleviating stress.

Step 1. Get Into the Right Mindset for Moving

Before you dive in and start randomly moving and shifting items out of storage, solidify a plan in your mind and make a list of steps (such as these next four).

Plan to allow ample time, because rushing causes breakages and undue stress. If you need help, ask for it, because sorting through memories can be emotional enough.

Step 2: Take an Inventory

Surely, there was some sort of organization when you moved in but taking an inventory before clearing the piles might be useful prior to undertaking step 3.

Step 3: Sort it Out

There is a method of using four boxes that’s rather effective in easing moving. Essentially, you’re going to have containers for: keeping, storing, donation/selling or trashing.

This makes it easy to take things home, declutter responsibly and have less to store if you’re just cleaning. Sorting definitely will simplify any level of move.

Step 4: Call a Professional Organizer

Sometimes, you just can’t figure out what to do, and recruiting an organization professional can help keep things on track and guide you through tough decisions. If the home, office or other space needs a bit of order, save money by hiring one for several jobs.

Step 5: Employ a Storage Moving Service

Companies exist that offer comprehensive cleaning services for spaces like storage units. Pros can load your goods in the truck, sweep the unit out, and take belongings to an arranged destination. If DIY moving isn’t for you, let a specialty service or movers do the hardest parts.