2021’s Online Exhibition on Quantum Leap

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CADA is honored to welcome all to the Quantum Leap 2021 online exhibition. CADA would be organizing the group show on their homepage.

Read below to know details about the exhibition. However, to know more about how to apply and who the curators of the exhibition are, you can visit

From Where Did the Concept of Exhibition Originate?

The idea behind Quantum Leap originated from a quantum mechanics concept; Atomic Electron Transition, which is also termed Quantum Jump. The alterations from one state to another might look discontinuous, in a microcosm, because the electron takes a leap from one level of energy to another, which resembles going upstairs.

Hence, the electrons should be absorbing a particular quantity of energy to leap to the higher-energy excited state from the ground state. This process can be coined as mutation or qualitative change.

What You Can Expect from the Online Exhibition on Quantum Leap?

In the exhibition, there will be visualizations and use of artistic languages to talk about and showcase the versatile qualitative changes in their daily lives, the microcosm. To begin with, the word mutation used is not complimentary or derogatory. In the exhibition, you would encounter artists displaying the process of alterations instead of the result.

You can also expect the artists to focus on expressing the changes in their emotions instead of expressing the object’s physical changes. However, the major storyline of the exhibition is to display the result of the changes.

What’s So Exciting About the Exhibition?

You would love to witness how the artists bring innovation in their artworks after encountering mutations in life as we all know that learning something new can contribute to creativity. Changes would be brought forth loads of new things. You can anticipate an outburst of innovation brought about by the changes, by the artists.

More Things To Look Out For in the Exhibition

From the qualitative change point of view, you would be reminded of the Black Swan Incidents-which implies to unlikely events happen and leads to a chain of impacts and subversion, which is another form of mutation. The observation followed by a discussion of similar events is also a prime factor of the exhibition.

 Because everybody is living through a Black Swan Incident, we will all get the COVID-19 pandemic explored. Artworks linked with pandemics might also display individual alterations, but it is also within the exhibition scope to dive into the community’s broader change.

Thanks to the considerations popping from the severe impacts of the COVID-19 on the communities, there have been requests from several artists. As a result, the exhibition has been postponed, so the artists can get sufficient time for their art pieces. The event is scheduled to the taken place from 30th January to 27th February.