3 Best WhatsApp Messenger Spy Apps

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Social media especially Whatsapp has thoroughly transformed the lives of cell phone users. It has opened the way for us to know any person wholly by just reading their Whatsapp text messages and other activities.

Whatsapp has become the most prevalent social network, among others. All your peers, relatives, and anyone you know have an account on this renowned site. It was intended to bring people closer, and many individuals rely on it to know about what’s happening in their beloveds’ lives.

It has rapidly turned into a highly suitable way to communicate with unknown people and share secrets without meeting them in real life. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining in-depth details about someone, you should consider reading their chats.

Many parents, and bosses want to spy on Whatsapp messengers of their kids, significant others, and workers, but they are unable to find a reliable way that requires no technical skills. This is where Whatsapp spyware comes into play.

There are plenty of best Whatsapp messenger spy apps available in the industry that permit you to monitor your targeted person’s messages discreetly and remotely and other all activities without even holding their smartphone in your hand. Therefore, without any delay, let’s discuss the best Whatsapp messenger monitoring tools.


It is the most influential and dependable cell phone spy software that is commonly used by guardians, and employers that are extremely happy with its functionality. Its services are quite awesome so that you can monitor your targeted person’s mobile phone activities including Whatsapp chats in a hassle-free way.

It lets the user supervise mobile phones running with different operating systems such as iOS and android. However, you can also track Windows and MAC laptops and PCs. With its help, you can keep an eye on someone’s Whatsapp conversations, exchanged media, audio, and video calls as well.

It operates in a stealth mode, so there’s no fear of getting caught. The app enables you to track location, store media, call logs, keystrokes, web browser history, installed apps and programs, and much more.


It is tracking software for Android mobile phones that enables you to supervise every single text message of your targeted person. With this tool, you can not only read their messages, but also check their exchanged media, stickers, and much more.

It works in an invisible mode and integrated into its design. It means that if you will deploy it on someone’s phone to read their text conversations, the target will never be able to catch you. To spy on Whatsapp messenger, there’s no need to root their mobile device.

To monitor the activities of your kids and employee, you don’t have to download an app on your cell phone or computer. The software can be utilized from any browser that is installed on your digital device. You will obtain a tailored control panel that can be accessed by logging into your account.


It is an enormously prevalent Whatsapp Messenger spy application that has more than 5 million active users in 180+ countries of the world. It provides innovative features for android, IOS, and many other operating systems.

The software allows you to monitor FB messenger activities from a remote locality. It makes you able to figure out your targeted person’s messenger credentials. This advanced tool works without root or jailbreak.

Regardless of, whether you want to utilize it for Android or any other operating system, it is guaranteed that you will never be found out because it works in a stealth mode. The version is completely web-based, so there’s no need to download any software.

For Android devices, it functions in the background and remains undetectable. Spyic is not only a Whatsapp spy app but a complete tracking solution with countless advanced features. It empowers you to monitor calls, stored media, browsing history, locations, emails, and much more.


Now, you know about some of the best hidden android spy apps available in the market. You can choose your favorite software on this article to keep your loved ones out of the reach of evil people on Whatsapp. Business owners can use it to prevent their personnel from wasting time and disclosing sensitive data.