Physician Recruiting Service

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Doctors are in high demand in some parts of the country, particularly in rural areas. Other parts of the country such as university towns have plenty of doctors to go around and the doctors may find themselves searching for a suitable position.

A physician recruiting service can help the people on both ends of this problem.

On the one hand, a recruiting service can perform many of the tasks that go into finding a suitable doctor for an open position.

The consultants who work at a physician recruiting service typically have a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or public relations.

Most recruiters have at least two years of experience in the field before they can work as a physician recruiter.  There are also voluntary professional certifications that recruiters can earn.  These recruiting credentials are important to consider when looking for a service to help find a doctor.

A recruiting service can write the job description based on what the hospital is looking for.  The recruiting service also spends time searching for online resumes and job boards.  They may also search for medical publications. They can place ads and conduct background checks.

In addition, the service may get in contact with medical schools to review the doctors who will be finishing their education in the near future.

When all this searching is complete, the service can weed out the unacceptable applicants by screening their curriculum vitae (CV) and other information provided by the doctor.

The recruiting service can also conduct the first round of interviews, which will further narrow down the field of acceptable candidates.  Finally, the recruiting service is the point of contact for the hospital and for the doctor.  All these services can save a facility time and money.

On the other hand, a physician recruiting service can provide marketing services to physicians who need to find a job.  They can take care of giving out the documentation to prospective employers and teaching doctors how to present themselves in interviews. They can inform the physician if there are any discrepancies in their credentials.

A good physician recruiter cultivates doctor relationships as he works so that he has a pool of prospects when a hospital or facility is looking for a doctor.  As they deal with doctors they keep track of the ones who may be interested in making a change at a later date.  Then they can call on these physicians when a different opening comes up later.

The recruiter keeps his applicants informed of any negative feedback received from references.  This is a huge help to someone looking for employment.  The recruiter helps the physician deal with the issues, or he makes note of the issues for future employment.

While the physician recruiting service is working to fill a position for a client, during their conversations they may find out about other openings at that facility or at other facilities.  This can help the recruiter place a doctor who is looking for a good fit.  Maintaining these relationships will make it easier for the recruiting service to match up applicants with hospitals and facilities.