3 Design Ideas for Your DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

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You’ve replaced the shower curtain, rugs, and towels, but your bathroom is still missing something. Could it have something to do with that mirror above your vanity? If so, you can remedy this yourself with a DIY frame. There are numerous ways and materials to create your own DIY bathroom mirror frame. Here are three design ideas that you can choose or modify based on your own bathroom style and décor.

Build Your Own Wooden Frame

If you already have a frameless mirror above your vanity, and you don’t want to spend money on replacing it, consider building a frame around it. For this, you can use four wood trim or larger boards, depending on the size of the mirror and the space you have available. Stain or paint the wood based on the look you are trying to achieve. Without taking the mirror off the wall, adhere the trim or boards directly to the mirror.

Create a Snazzy Gem Frame

For a snazzy addition to your bathroom, frame your bathroom mirror with glass accent gems. Start with an unframed mirror. Adhere the mirror to a larger base of some kind. This can be a piece of thin wood, cork, or even a large tray. The base you select needs to be approximately three inches larger than the mirror, so you have space to adhere your design pieces. Be sure to use a type of glue suited to whatever base material you choose, such as one for wood or one for non-porous surfaces. Take your time gluing the gems tight against each other, all around the perimeter of the mirror.

Use Rope to Create a Nautical-Themed Frame

If you’re going for the nautical look, a rope frame is a great option. You will need a base larger than your mirror, which can be a round tray (if your mirror is round), a piece of cardboard, or even corkboard. Center your mirror on your base. Begin by measuring your rope once all the way around your mirror, then cut it to size. This will be your first row. Continue measuring subsequent rolls, depending on how wide you are making your frame. Choose an adhesive that works best with the material of your base. If you are using cardboard, an epoxy will work best. Apply a layer of adhesive closest to the mirror and add your first piece of rope. Continue the same process until you have added all your ropes.

These DIY bathroom mirror frames can be completed in as little as a day, or over a weekend, and will help add a touch of style to any bathroom.