3 Easy Steps to Writing a Comic Book Script

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Build up an Idea:

Start by contemplating who your primary character will be. Either start by outlining out a fascinating character with a particular visual style and choose what they’re similar to after you’ve drawn them, or pick a couple of unmistakable character qualities and sketch a character that fits what you envision dependent on their character. There’s no genuine incorrect approach to concoct a character, so let your creative mind go crazy. Some different tips for an ideal comic:

  • Plan essential characters
  • Select a setting
  • Make an outline
  • Create a script
  • Decide the number of panels
  • Draw thumbnails

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Make Panels:

In case you’re dealing with paper, the hopping option to pen and ink can be lamentable. Start by drawing provisional layouts for your characters and activity with a pencil. You can add foundations later, so center around outlining your characters in each board. Utilize a variety to keep the visual data new and fascinating on each page. For instance, in one panel, you can draw the character’s face close up, filling the whole board. In the following panel, you can draw them remaining on the left half of the panel, leaving a lot of space for foundation data. Try not to draw your characters coasting in each board to keep things new. A few hints for panel creation:

  • Focus on outlining the characters
  • Draw rough sketches
  • Use a simple style
  • Sketch out panels in pencil
  • Start with an establishing shot at the beginning to reveal your setting
  • Detail and ink the characters and leave space for speech bubbles
  • Color the characters and form background textures
  • Touch up the illustrations and add minor textures and elements
  • Finish by adding dialogue

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Pick a Medium:

If you need to keep it old, don’t hesitate to make your comic on paper by hand. While you can utilize standard printer paper, there are sketchbooks intended for comic books where each page is bigger to make it simpler to draw subtleties. Some of them are intended to be collapsed fifty-fifty for simple copying. If you make a unique comic on paper, you can copy it to imitate it. You can even get it bound into a book at the printer. A few hints for the comic book medium.

  • Create a comic on paper for an original piece of work
  • Work from a template or blank comic
  • Use an online program
  • Work entirely in Illustrator