Back to School: Here Are Some Internet Safety Tips for School Going Kids

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In the United States, schools will soon officially commence in most districts. However most schools have incorporated online learning into school programming for students. This means that administrators, students, teachers, and even parents have to start adjusting to an unusual start of the semester. Alarmingly, this new situation in the school programming is an opportunity for online predators to lure kids.

These internet predators are always on a lookout to make sure the online experience for the kids is a good one.

Therefore, considering the future is more dependent on the internet there are some quick tips to make sure the internet is a safe place for kids.

Here are the pointers.

Have the Right Internet Service

While you might be thinking, what does internet service provider have to do with kids being safe on the internet? Well, a lot. There are several internet service providers across the country. Some are known for offering internet at cheap rates while others are known for high-speed internet service packages. While there are options, choose an internet service for your kids that is reliable. Being a secure connection is paramount. A cheap internet service provider might have low rates but unsolicited popup ads and scam websites will be part of that cheap internet package. Therefore, make sure you have reliable internet service, one like Hughes Satellite internet that not only provides affordable high-speed internet but is secure by all means.

Have Knowledge of the Child’s Activity Online

There are many things to oversee as a parent. Responsibilities pile up when you plan to have a child. However, with coronavirus pandemic and increased screen time have brought another responsibility, to continuously monitor their kid’s activities on the internet. There are a number of sites that are designed to sell and collect unauthorized user behavior and details to advertisers who then engage them in targeted marketing. Therefore, as a parent, you need to make sure that your kid does not land upon the website that will subject them to information that is not required at their age.

Review Content and Giveaway

Since social media marketing has increased rapidly there are tons of giveaway and contests happening on the internet. These giveaways and contests often collect a great amount of personal information about the users that are participating. While as an adult, you may be sure of which information to give and what to keep away, your child might not distinguish the difference. Therefore, you need to make sure that your child does not participate in such a competition that requires personal information. This is because this personal information is used in identity theft.


Adults are not the only ones that are subject to spam emails. Kids that have their email addresses are also a victim of phishing attacks. Therefore, it is important as a parent or as a teacher to instruct the kids about tips to identify whether an email is genuine or is a scam.

Understand Applications

Since schools have started reopening and also there are changes in the school programming there are high chances that your kids might be using an application that you have less knowledge about. Therefore, instead of fully depending upon their insights on the application, you as a parent need to play your part. You need to have complete knowledge of what certain applications are used for and what kind of service they provide.

Also, make sure you go through all the privacy policies of the websites and applications your kids are using. This is because some of the application asks unnecessary personal details, which might brew trouble for your kid.

Therefore, make sure to give no space to blunders.