3 Places In Your Home That May Need Spray Foam Insulation

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When thinking about adding spray insulation to your new or existing home, you’re likely thinking about keeping your bedroom cozy and kitchens toasty, but there are some places you may not normally be accessing that you want to make sure you don’t forget to protect.

  1. Basement

Your basement may not be a place that you initially think of needing to insulate. However, no matter what you’re using that space for, you likely will benefit from the protection spray foam installed by professional insulation contractors Maryland offers. If you use your basement as an entertainment space, family room, home office or gym, having insulation to help keep the heat in will make that room a much more comfortable place. As spray insulation also helps seal out water, it can help protect against flooding, ground water seepage, and growth of mold and mildew. Speaking of water, having increased heat protection in your basement can guard against frozen pipes come those frigid winter months.

  1. Storage Space 

Spaces in your home you may not even consider rooms may not be at the top of the priority list. However, insulating rooms such as pantries, closets, and other storage spaces helps protect the items inside against mold and mildew. Plus, if you’ve ever experienced the icy blast from opening an un-insulated closet during winter months, you’ll know precisely the benefit of a warmer closet!

  1. Attic 

Your attic can greatly benefit from being protected with spray foam insulation. Spray foam can help protect against vermin, especially those that love attics such as bats and protect stored items against animal droppings and other pesky bothers. Your attic walls may also not be finished off, in which case, a layer of spray foam will not irritate the skin or respiratory system as fiberglass insulation may.

There are clear benefits to protecting more than the main rooms of your home with spray foam insulation, and you won’t regret knowing your belongings are protected from mold, mildew, and pests.