List of Foolproof Ways to Avoid and Tackle Flies Infestation

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Fly infestations are a common issue globally. Flies are a real nuisance and extremely unhygienic. They contaminate our food thus causing several infections like food poisoning, dysentery, eye and skin infections. There are several ways to keep flies away many of which aren’t an environment-friendly solution.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to avoid flies swarming your home, try the magnetic fly screens available at PremierScreensLtd. They are the top choice of UK residents owing to their high-quality products. Fit them on to your windows to seal your home from flies. You can additionally opt for fly traps in commercial spaces.

Fly traps to control fly infestations:

You could use the following fly traps in your porch or in areas where there are bound to be more flies:

Venus traps:

Venus is a carnivorous plant that can be planted outdoors. It eats insects including flies when the insect comes in contact with the plant.

Light traps:

A box with lights is used to lure flies. Once the flies come in contact with the trap they’ll be electrified.

Sticky traps:

Hang strips of sticky paper throughout the premises to trap flies. This trap is less effective than others.

Electric swatter: They look like badminton racquets equipped with triple layer electrified mesh. When flies come in contact with the bat, the high voltage in the mesh kills them immediately.

Food trap: Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of rotten fruits. Use fermented fruit products like wine and apple cider vinegar to lure and trap fruit flies. Pour apple cedar vinegar into a glass and tightly cover it using a plastic sheet. Make a considerable hole to let flies pass through. The flies would eventually down since they won’t be able to fly out

DIY natural repellents at home:

These DIY natural repellents are easy to make at home.

Hot peppers:

Hot pepper plants in your garden prevent flies from breeding because flies are irritated by its smell. Take about 3 chillies and grind it to a fine consistency by adding 3 to 4 cups of water. Pour it in an air-tight container, keep it under sunlight for a week and then spray it.


The aroma of basil leaves drives house flies and fruit flies away. Make a few cuts in basil leaves and steep them in hot water for half an hour. Use the strained liquid as a spray.

Essential oil:

Since the strong aroma of essential oils keeps flies away, mix few drops of different essential oils to make a spray and dilute it with 2 cups non-flavoured vodka and water.

Steps to prevent housefly infesting your space:

  • Block the entry point of flies by sealing your windows
  • Clean up food spills immediately
  • Store moist food in Ziploc bags or airtight container
  • Maintain the garbage disposal area tidy
  • Avoid turning on outdoor lights at night
  • Clean up pet litter at the earliest

Don’t give them the chance to enter your home. Install magnetic fly screens before summer sets in and prevent pests from invading your home.