3 Things That Make Skyscrapers Possible

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Human beings have always aspired to construct buildings and structures that are as tall as possible. For centuries, this was nothing more than hubris, but around the 19th century, technology was developed that made skyscrapers possible.

1. Elevators

The first elevator was known as the “ascending room,” and it was invented in 1823. Early elevators were powered with hydraulics, steam, belts, or counterweights. If the so-called ascending room malfunctions, it may require elevator parts supply Niles IL, but it will not plunge to the ground thanks to the elevator brake invented by Elisha Otis in 1853.

2. Steel Beams

A skyscraper made solely of brick and mortar would be impressive to look at but wouldn’t be any practical use. Every time you added another story, you’d have to add another layer of brick to the ground floor to support the weight until, eventually, it would be full of bricks. Once it became possible to manufacture long metal beams, first of iron and later of steel, they could support the weight of the upper floors adequately while still leaving space on the ground level for people to enter and exit the building. 

3. Revolving Doors

If a skyscraper had a hinged door, opening it would be like opening the flue on a chimney. Air would rush in, which would make heating and cooling the building much less efficient. Not only that, but the constantly changing air pressure could do unfortunate things to the building and the people inside it. 

A German inventor named Bockhacker first patented an idea for a revolving door in 1881. An American inventor named Theophilus Van Kannel built on his ideas and patented his own invention, which he referred to as a storm door structure. As it turns out, revolving doors also help to keep out exhaust fumes and street noises. 

Theoretically, the knowledge of how to build tall structures was there for a long time. It was only when these other technologies were developed that it became possible to build skyscrapers that could be used. 

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