Risk Management Strategies for Commercial Property Owners

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Renting commercial space can be a lucrative way to invest in real estate, particularly in regions where rental rates tend to run high. Here are essential ways to manage operating risks as a commercial landlord in a metropolitan location.

Create Maintenance Plans

Commercial leases to businesses tend to require less oversight of the premises’ conditions from landlords than habitational. However, property owners must generally assume responsibility for the safety of a building’s structural condition and its essential systems. A formal maintenance plan can serve as a playbook for owners and any property management staff that they retain. A plan should include key policies about the upkeep of the premises such as heating system maintenance and preparations for city inspections.

Establish Life and Safety Plans

Safety has to be a paramount consideration in leasing commercial property, and it is crucial that owners take appropriate steps to practice full compliance with all relevant regulations in their area. In many jurisdictions, a condition that violates a city building or fire code ordinance will ultimately result in liability on behalf of the owner of a property rather than a lessee. Commercial property owners who need assistance with fire protection systems NYC should work with a company that is well-versed in applicable code governing commercial spaces.

Carry Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Property insurance in addition to general liability coverage offers indispensable protection against serious liability and loss. You need to seek out coverage that is affordable but also offers sufficient protection in relation to a building’s value and tenants’ activities on the premises. It is also advisable to require that tenants carry commercial liability insurance.     

Ultimately, real estate investors must remain attentive to risk management in all facets of their activities and decision-making. Effectively protecting a commercial property investment entails a proactive approach towards managing risk.