3 Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

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When you live in a busy city and are constantly faced with a congested commute, it is easy to feel frustrated and angry at the slow-moving pace of traffic. Whether you are dealing with road construction Boston MA commuters find themselves battling or you’ve encountered aggressive drivers, the way you respond to the situation around you can escalate into patterns of road rage. Angry, frustrated driving can contribute to the nearly five million vehicle accidents that occur each year. Here are some ways to calm down in the car.

  1. Be Prepared for the Drive

Not only should you be mentally prepared to travel, but you should also be physically prepared. Never drive while under the influence, as impaired driving doesn’t just affect your senses. It can also affect your emotions and perception of a situation. Get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel, and make sure you’ve eaten before you’ve gotten on the road. Distracted driving is as dangerous as driving while impaired.

  1. Follow the Golden Rule

It gets crazy out on the interstate or the highway, and it can be tempting to accelerate and change lanes quickly with the rest of the pack. However, if you drive courteously and you assume that same courteous with other drivers, your ride will be more pleasant. Take slow, deep breaths when the craziness starts to get to you. Avoid tailgating, stay out of the left lane unless you are passing, and defer to other drivers, pedestrians, the traffic rules.

  1. Find Ways To Remain Calm

Experts suggest that listening to your favorite music or a talk show during the commute can help you remain more focused on yourself and less on the other drivers. If you aren’t careful, this too can become a distraction, especially if the playlist is too loud. The priority is to find something that brings a sense of calm.

Road rage can lead to unnecessary vehicle accidents. Try these tips as prepare to face the fast lane on your drive into work.