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3 Ways to Maintain the Life of Your Hot Tub

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According to Power Per SQ FT, nearly 5% of homeowners in the United States are hopping on the home spa trend. Thankfully, hot tub maintenance is relatively user friendly and less complicated than you may realize. However, if you’re thinking about getting a hot tub for your home, here are three simple ways you can manage its care without the stress.

Regularly Test Water

One way to avoid unnecessary sunrise spa repair Pittsburgh, is by keeping up with your hot tub’s water chemistry. Testing the water regularly and making small adjustments will help maintain proper pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. It may also be helpful to keep a log of your test results so it’s easier to make simple modifications.

Manage Filter

It’s essential to clean your filter consistently, so your water doesn’t become dark and cloudy. A clean filter also helps remove fine silt or sand and odor from the water. Filters are easy to access, and if you are regularly using your hot tub, generally, every four to eight weeks in between cleanings is sufficient. Yet, if you seldom use your spa, then technicians recommend a monthly cleaning to maintain your filter’s efficiency.

Routine Cleaning

Any time you completely drain your hot tub, you should wash all surfaces using appropriate spa cleaner and not household products. A water vacuum is also helpful when cleaning if you notice dirt and other particles on various surfaces. You can also use a skimmer net to collect any unwanted bugs, leaves, and other debris from the top of the water.

If you’re worried about the time and effort involved in owning your own spa, don’t be. Maintenance is relatively simple and manageable. You can avoid trips to the repair shop when you test your water regularly and perform routine cleanings either monthly or every four to eight weeks.