3 Useful Tools for Nonprofits

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Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as for-profit corporations, plus some challenges that are unique to the nonprofit sector. Fortunately, many useful tools exist that can help nonprofits operate more effectively.

  1. Accounting Tools

Even organizations that re not trying to make money need to be able to manage it. Nonprofits have suppliers and employees to pay, funds to distribute to the various causes and people they support and revenues to manage. Additionally, they must keep all of their reporting compliant with the laws that govern tax-exempt status. Accounting tools, such as QuickBooks for nonprofits, can make the task of managing your organization’s finances easier.

  1. Donation Software

The goal of a nonprofit is not to make money; however, nonprofits still need money to operate. One of the main sources of money for many nonprofits is donations. Fundraising software, such as Donorbox, can help nonprofits set up and manage a donation system. These tools offer powerful features, such as automating recurring donations, providing donation boosting tools, and including plugins and forms for popular online publishing platforms, such as WordPress. 

  1. Email Software

Social media has replaced a lot of email communication, but it can still be very useful for a nonprofit organization. Email management software, such as MailChimp, makes it easier to communicate with potential donors and other parties. The software includes templates that help organizations create customized, branded emails and analytics that make it easy to see how subscribers are interacting with those emails. The program also helps you automate the process of responding to questions or following up with potential donors. 

Nonprofits have all of the organizational and operational challenges of for-profit businesses, along with the compliance needs of the nonprofit sector. These three tools for nonprofit organizations can help you accomplish your nonprofit’s mission more effectively.