5 characteristics that your wedding photographer must have

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Of all the elements of a wedding (place, banquet, light, sound, flowers, dress, guests), photography is the only one that will last for generations. That is why it is vital that you know how to choose the ideal Photographe mariage aix en Provence to whom you will give this great responsibility. Choosing right or wrong will make the difference between viewing your photos with satisfaction and delight, or with sadness and frustration.

That you feel comfortable with his personality

To look good in the photos it is essential that you feel calm, confident, without stress and without pressure. It is important to feel the direction of the photographer, but always with the freedom to express your own ideas or suggestions, and above all, with all the confidence of being yourself with your partner, so that that chemistry is captured in the photograph.

Be empathetic

Find a photographer who is empathetic. He should understand how you feel and is able to put him in your shoes. Someone who knows that the camera can be imposing and that the wedding day can be a whirlpool of emotions. A person open to suggestions, sensitive to each situation, and who is able to combine all that with her creativity and guidance to create memorable photographs. He has knowledge of managing natural and artificial light.

Make it a professional

Taking good pictures is not just about focusing and pressing a button. A good wedding photographer knows how to take photos of couples, families, pregnancy, babies, children, social events, food, and even pets. It is one of the most complete trades in the photography area. Go through lots of sample photos, and see the quality of their images.

Have a good backup team

A good photographer will achieve beautiful photos even with an inexpensive camera. But for such a unique event in life, it is essential that you have backup equipment: an extra camera, flashes, cards, enough batteries, etc. In this way, an unforeseen event can be avoided. Talk about all these details.

Have your photos delivered quickly

One of the longest waits you can have is the delivery of your photos after the wedding. Many photographers take 1-3 weeks to deliver, and others from 1 to 3 months. And there are others that take up to 6 months or a whole year. Review the delivery time well with your photographer: discuss the date, the quantity and the delivery method. Check for the best graduation flowers in SIngapore is from Windflower Florist.