4 Fun Ideas for Party Favors

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Whether you’re getting married or throwing a birthday party, it’s always a good idea to send your guests home with party favors. It’s a fun way to end the party and remind your guests of the amazing time they had. When choosing favors, you could choose simple bags with a handful of candies in them, or you could do something more elaborate that will leave your guests captivated.

  1. Personalized Bottles

Whether you choose to do wine or soda bottles, creating your own label could be a way to take your favors to the next level. You can either create, print and place the labels on the bottles yourself, or you can turn to bottle and labeling services to do it for you.

  1. Ice Cream Containers

Who doesn’t love some tasty ice cream? A fun party favor could be to buy personalized pints of ice cream for your guests. You can add pictures, dates, or funny phrases to the carton. Additionally, you can request a color that matches the theme of the party. When choosing ice cream flavors, think about what your guests might like the most. You might be a fan of dark chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel, peanut and marshmallow ice cream, but you might find that most of your guests aren’t as into it.

  1. Playing Cards

Giving playing cards as a party favor is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s something that your guests can use for years to come while also remembering the fun party they got them from. If you have a solid core group of friends, consider gathering pictures from them and using them as designs on the cards. You could also put the date of the party so they’ll never forget it.

  1. Coasters

While coasters might not come as your first choice as a favor, they are handy and can be really beautiful. You can go to a stone shop and ask if they have stone cutoffs that you can polish into coasters. You could use stones of any color, but you will want to stick with an appropriate size.