Bail Bond Information You Should Know

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Statistics state that 5% of people will experience incarceration, and some of these arrests may be for something as menial as a traffic violation. Whether you have ever bailed a loved one out of jail or not, you should understand a little about the bail bond process. Therefore, this is some information you should know about bail bonding.

Bail Defined

When people are arrested, they will typically have to pay a specific amount of money to get out of jail before they go to trial. For some crimes, the jail actually has a bail schedule, while other suspects must attend a bail hearing where the judge determines the bail amount. In either case, bail needs to be disclosed within 48 hours of an arrest. Before bail is set, you may start searching for bail bonds Lincoln County.

Benefits of Getting Out of Jail Quickly

Getting out of jail quickly allows your loved ones to work on their cases. They are also able to fulfill their family obligations, including taking care of their children, parents, etc. Finally, these individuals are able to go back to work. If they do go to trial, they will probably have hefty legal fees, so working may be essential to paying for a good defense.

How Bail Works

Bail can be posted in two ways. If you have the money, you can post the full amount of the bail in cash. However, most individuals do not have that much money available and paying in cash is often the more expensive option. Therefore, many individuals purchase surety or bail bonds.

Bail bonds are typically required for serious crimes because the judge will often set a high bail amount to encourage the defendant to show up to court. In these cases, you will pay a 10-15% fee to a bail bondsman or bail bonding agency. You may also be required to put up collateral for the rest of the bond value. Then, the bondsman will retrieve your loved one from jail.

If you need to bail a loved one out of jail for a minor offense, you may pay the bail in cash, but if your loved one is accused of a felony and bail is high, consider working with a reputable bail bond company.