4 Types of Anger

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What makes you angry? How do you show it? For many people, answers about this negative emotion differ. For some, the first instinct when they feel annoyed about something is to lash out or become verbally frustrated. For others, responses to minor inconveniences are less extreme. Day to day problems are not the only things that bother people though. Indeed, online anger management courses also talk about deeper factors than daily annoyances that result in anger. Here are four ways to break down types of anger.

  1. Justifiable Anger

If global injustices like worldwide hunger keep you up at night, the cause for your fury falls under the category of “justifiable.” With this kind of negative response, people often feel a very real sense of anger and frustration toward bigger problems they have no control over. Situations like the death of loved ones can also cause this kind of angry response in people.

  1. Annoyance Anger

When daily inconveniences like careless drivers or noisy neighbors disturb your peace of mind, this falls under “annoyance” anger. Many people experience this kind of emotion every day, and there is not necessarily anything wrong with that. If it happens too much, however, and annoyances take up too much of your focus, then it can become problematic.

  1. Aggressive Anger

This kind of hostile expression is about more than frustration. Unlike the first two types on this list, aggressive anger is about control. If you see someone who exhibits dominance, intimidation, bullying or manipulation, you are likely looking at a purer form of aggression.

  1. Temper Tantrums

Think about the way young children often behave when they do not get what they want. The thing is, temper tantrums do not necessarily stop after the “terrible twos.” When adults display unreasonable outbursts in response to not getting their way, this kind of anger is a temper tantrum as well.

Being angry is more complex than having a bad day. Some anger is more justifiable than other types, but keep it in moderation. Get help if you encounter too much of any kind.