Home improvement

Saving Time and Improving Convenience of Household Chores

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Life gets complicated, and it’s hard to keep up with the little things in life when you’re busy juggling too many things. While you can’t cut out the craziness, you could structure your home life to simplify some of the chores that drive you crazy. Stop feeling overwhelmed, and take control by implementing the following four steps.

  1. Create a Schedule

It’s tempting to pick one day to cover the household cleaning; however, this method may feel daunting. Decide how much time you have each day to complete a chore.  Split it up, completing one or two tasks a day. Write it down, encouraging yourself to knock it out before you head to bed.

  1. Meal Prep

Cut out the time in the kitchen, selecting recipes that are healthy and easy. Avoid dishes that require a great deal of prep. This is better for your budget, and it reduces cooking prep time. Consider doubling the recipe so that you have enough for two days.

  1. Use Grocery Ordering

Grocery shopping for the week might consume as much as an hour or two or your time. If this bothers you, look into an online delivery service. Most stores have either pick-up or home delivery options. You’ll have to create an account, and you may pay a yearly fee; however, you won’t have to fight the crowds. You could be exercising or playing with the kids while someone else grabs the weekly food allotment.

  1. Organize Rooms

Design your rooms with purpose. Chaos is overwhelming, at times increasing stress levels and anxiety. Structure helps efficiency and improves calm. Add industrial steel caster wheels to craft tables, laundry bins and sectioned bins. Slide them in and out as needed. Label storage totes and invest in shelving. When people in the home know where to put things, you will likely spend less time picking up clutter.

When life feels like it’s too much, slow down and re-evaluate. Cut out what doesn’t work or modify how you get it done—complete one task at a time. When you’re done, be proud of your accomplishment.