5 Best Backlink Building Techniques in 2020

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Being an important aspect of search engine optimization, link building is a process in which an owner of a website or blog attempts to get a link from other website that already have high DA & receiving a great amount of traffic. It is one of the important and best off-page SEO techniques, which helps a site or blog owner to achieve their end goal.

Backlinks are mainly of two types that includes Do-follow links and No-follow links. Those who are new to the blogging industry usually don’t understand the difference between both types of backlinks. Don’t worry, we have provided a brief explanation about the same that will clearly demonstrate the exact difference between the two.

  • No-follow Backlinks

These hyperlinks don’t add any value to the SEO of any site or blog. These were just introduced in the industry with an aim to prevent the spamming activities. No link juice will be passed on to the backlink aspirant’s site by no-follow backlinks.

  • Do-follow Backlinks

These hyperlinks are the ones, which every site or blog owner wishes to attain. They are highly valuable links that pass on the link juice the site of the backlink aspirant. Link juice is an SEO factor that passes value to the site of the person who is creating backlinks. Such links cannot be attained so easily rather an aspirant has to publish the relevant content on the high DA website of his niche to get the approval for the backlink.

Wondering how to create highly relevant and high-quality backlinks for your site? Want to know what are the best backlink building techniques in 2020? This post will help you understand the same. So, you must read this post till the end for the best knowledge.

5 Best Backlink Building Techniques that are Highly Opted by SEO Experts in 2020

  • Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is one of the popular off-page SEO & link building techniques that is recommended by the expert SEO professionals. It is a method of storing, organizing, browsing, and managing web pages or “bookmarks”. On social bookmarking sites gives your website and its content the deserved exposure online. Your users can find your content and business site easily through these sites. You simply have to share your blogs and other content on these sites to engage your audience and divert them to your business blog or site.

  • Article Submission Sites

Article submission is another favourite link building technique in 2020 of the SEO Service Ahmedabad owing to its effectiveness in bringing high-quality traffic to your site. Usually, the process involves writing of relevant articles related to your industry/niche and submitting the same to the various article submission sites. Once approved by the admin, your post will be published on these sites and you get a hyperlink or backlink from them.

  • Profile Creation Sites

Profile creation may be the simplest method of link building in which you just need to create profiles on different profile creation sites. You need to mention relevant details about your business in your profile in a smart way so it appears engaging. Such sites provide your site with good exposure.

  • Guest Blogging Sites

Guest blogging is a process of outreaching other bloggers and requesting them for giving you an approval for guest posting. Once you receive an approval from the blog owner then you can write a blog related to your niche and publish it to that third-party blog. Make sure you choose the right guest blogging sites for link building.

  • Blog Commenting Sites

Blog commenting in SEO is the procedure in which you post comments on others’ blog posts leaving your site URL. This backlink building technique is also helpful in attracting traffic to your site from the third-party blogs.

These are the 5 best backlink building techniques in 2020 that are very much preferred by the marketers.

Do share with us your favourite technique to build high-quality backlinks for your site.