5 Critical Roles of a DUI Attorney

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Driving under the influence of any drug, whether alcohol, cocaine, or marijuana, is illegal and considered a criminal offense under the court of law. The offense attracts an array of charges ranging from community services, losing a personal driving license, fines, and jail time. Handling the case on your own is not easy, especially if you don’t understand the legal proceedings to follow. However, seeking services from experts is vital. They will defend your rights and safeguard your reputation and try to ensure you get a favorable verdict. Here are five roles of a DUI attorney.

Make you understand the Law

An average citizen may have difficulties in comprehending the law related to DUI charges. A DUI attorney will explain to the client every detail regarding the DUI case, ensure the client understands his rights, and protect them from being violated.

Defend the client

If you decide to hire a DUI lawyer, it is crucial to be transparent. The DUI explains the charges to the client and comes up with a strategy to handle the situation. Also, the attorney represents the client during the hearings and prepares a strong defense. For instance, the lawyer can present strong evidence and a witness to refute allegations from the prosecution.

Negotiate with the judge at the pretrial stage

A knowledgeable DUI lawyer must ensure the client gets a fair judgment. The lawyer can negotiate with the judge to settle at the pretrial stage before heading to court.

Handle the administrative work

Court proceedings require more paperwork that can be stressful when handling them alone. A DUI attorney can prepare the recommended legal documents such as appeals and ensure the client attends all proceedings as scheduled.

Persuade the jury to minimize penalties

In case the prosecution presents strong evidence against you, the DUI lawyer will advise the client to plead guilty and persuade the judge to offer a lesser punishment or get the charges dropped.

If you are facing DUI charges, a DUI Attorney Orlando can assist you throughout the process. They offer you professional and legal representation and ensure you end up getting a favorable outcome.