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5 Eye-Catching Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets:

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Kitchen cabinets are the most prominently displayed part of your kitchen and if you are looking to remodel your kitchen, replacing the cabinets should be your primary concern. There are many cabinetry lines you can choose from but since every kitchen has its appeal and getting your entire kitchen remodeled can be an overwhelming and expensive task, you should carefully consider all available options before picking one.

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Here are some trending new styles of kitchen cabinets:

1. Full-Height Cabinets:
Traditionally, there is always a space between the cabinet and the ceiling of your kitchen. However, if you wish to be utilitarian about your enterprise, you can choose full-height cabinets which include a top row of cabinets that can be used to store miscellaneous items in the kitchen which you don’t use regularly. To add a little flair to this aesthete, you can include a ladder to access the top cabinets.

2. Two-Tone Cabinets:
If you wish to add some contrast to your kitchen, you can opt for a two-tone color combination for your kitchen. A monochromatic color scheme can be quite boring and a simple way to add some flavor to your kitchen would be two-tone cabinets.  You can choose between two contrasting or mildly complementing shades or you can go for the classic black and white combo for your bottom cabinets and wall cabinets respectively.

3. Glass Doors for Cabinets:
While this might sound like a very simple design change, it can completely change the aesthetics of your kitchen. Glass doors add a sense of modernity and can also be used in conservative designs, making them a very versatile choice for remodeling. If you want to experiment, you can opt for stained glass doors or frosted glass, to add a bit of ambiguous visibility to your kitchen.

4. Open Shelves:
A modern idea that completely eschews cabinets and utilizes open shelves instead. This does put all your kitchenware on full display and while it looks elegant, some people might be averse to it. You can also use an amalgam of open shelves and regular cabinets for a retro-contemporary ambiance. Open shelves are also easier to clean and maintain than most cabinets.

5. Built-in Appliance Cabinets:
One problem with remodeling kitchens is the heavy and cumbersome appliances that need to be moved. Built-in appliance cabinets allow you to cover these appliances, giving your kitchen a more streamlined, neat look. You can also get creative and design the fronts for your heavy appliances like the fridge and the oven.

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