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Choose Your Chances with the best Interior Designing: A Small Talk

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If you are a proud mom or dad, you will probably know: an interior with children does not always go well together. Keeping your house tidy and your belongings intact is difficult. Still, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic in an interior with children as we now sketch it. It is quite possible to make your house ‘child proof’.

Your interior with children: introduction

Let me kick off with an article we previously wrote about children’s rooms. In it we also gave tips and advice about furnishing children’s rooms . By reading that article, you will know in no time what you can do to make that special place in the house that little bit more beautiful for your son or daughter.

However, in today’s article, we want to talk specifically about how to tailor your interior to kids. When we talk about tuning in to kids, we don’t mean tweaking the whole house. However, there are always little things you can change that will increase your child’s safety and the fun he or she has.

Practical matters with interior with children

Babies, toddlers and children are generally very active and can easily have accidents. It is therefore important to rule out that possibility as much as possible. You can do this by, for example, not using too hard floor covering (so no tiles, but fabric floor covering for example) and preferably not leaving sharp or small objects in your living room.

In addition, it is useful to use stair gates so that he or she cannot fall down the stairs. You can also have a look at Baby Prooferswho offer such products. It is also advisable to place food and drinks (glass bottles) out of reach.

Make sure that valuable items are secured as much as possible: a flat television screen that is separate is doomed to topple over in an interior with (busy) children. In addition, children can bump themselves against the sharp edges. For more Singapore interior design ideas you can make a visit to https://www.tanstudio.com.sg/ now.

Do not keep everything from your children

It is very tempting to keep everything your child has ever touched. This may include toys, clothing or other utensils that have been used in the past few years. Some things can of course make you feel special and will bring back memories. But there are often things that you or your child will absolutely no longer need. For example, is it important to keep all the clothes of your capon? Your interior with children can be a lot tidier if you throw some things away every now and then.

Clean up every day

If you don’t like to clean up, this tip will be tough. Still, it is often easier to keep tidying up in an interior with children. If you take a short tidy-up moment every day, you will notice that your house stays nice and tidy. Then it no longer matters whether your child leaves rubbish or toys lying around in the living room. By cleaning you will live better and your child will grow up in a clean and tidy environment.